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Why should the tea box be customized?

by:HAOBO     2021-12-30
We all know that tea is the inheritance of our civilization, and guests at home will basically make a pot of good tea. So today haobobox will talk to you about the importance of tea packaging design. The quality of a tea box packaging also determines its future sales. The unpackaged tea leaves feel different, just like the bulk tea you sell on the roadside, which is very cheap. Not many people buy it yet, so change the package and look. Immediately it was different. A good horse is equipped with a good saddle, and a good tea must of course be matched with a good packaging. The design of tea gift box packaging is not only an artistic creation, but also an important item in marketing. Designers need to carry out packaging design from a marketing perspective; the packaging design is to simplify and be vivid, and exaggeration is to change and be prominent. Yes, the common point of the two is to make some changes to the subject's image. Exaggeration not only has choices from time to time, but also emphasizes it, so that although the subject's image is unreasonable, it is reasonable. The way of expression is full of romantic interest, and the exaggeration of the packaging pictures is to pay attention to cute, vivid and interesting points, and it is not suitable to adopt ugly methods. The structure design of the tea box packaging is based on the basic functions of the packaging, such as protection, convenience and reusability, and the actual conditions of production. It needs to be based on scientific principles to specifically consider the external and internal structure of the packaging. Out design. A good structural design should be the main function of protecting the goods; the second thing should be considered is the convenience of use, carrying, display and shipment; also need to consider whether it can be reused, and can display the contents and other functions .
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