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Why is the smaller the number of customized packaging boxes, the more expensive it is?

by:HAOBO     2022-01-30
Haobobox sometimes receives such inquiries: Customer: 'Is it a haobobox printing and packaging company?' Haobobox: 'Yes, sir, what packaging do you need?' Customer: 'I need to customize a batch of 100 gift boxes Do it?' haobobox: '...' It is really dumbfounding. Of course it can be done, but the price of packaging boxes is very high. Some customers will think that I only make 100 Why is the box so expensive? Today, haobobox will popularize with everyone. Why is the smaller the number of customized packaging boxes, the more expensive it is? If you customize a small batch of packaging boxes individually, the price is very expensive. Because the packaging production process is the same, it is the same to open a mold and make a knife plate. These costs are spread evenly on each packaging box, and the price of each packaging box naturally goes up. For packaging boxes that exceed the MOQ, these costs are acceptable to most companies. So if it is a custom packaging box, the more the quantity, the more favorable the price. If customers are very interested in our products and eagerly hope to cooperate with us, but the number is very small, only 1~50, haobobox will advise them to go through the 'proofing' process. If they are willing to pay for the proofing fee, the cooperation will be reached. Shipment is still very fast. Most packaging box manufacturers will set a minimum order quantity. In fact, this is for customers' consideration in the long run and is beneficial to customers. Not only packaging boxes, but also product packaging such as handbags also have MOQ. Now everyone understands the reason that the smaller the quantity, the more expensive it is. Haobobox suggests that if the quantity is small, you can buy some stock, because the customized packaging box is not worthwhile. Customers who need more quantity can choose the customized packaging box. The price will be a lot more favorable!
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