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Why is custom gift packaging a popular trend? -haobobox printing and packaging company

by:HAOBO     2022-01-31
Gift boxes are the first thing consumers see when they see a product. It contains important information about the product and brand. Unique and innovative packaging is the key to a product that can stand out in a competitive market. Customization can provide a comprehensive product design for the brand. It has become the unique packaging of the brand, with strong brand product style characteristics. Nowadays, all walks of life are beginning to realize that the packaging of gift boxes is very important, and custom gift packaging boxes have become the mainstream of the masses. So why do so many manufacturers choose custom gift boxes? What are its advantages? The following is a detailed explanation for you. 1. Increase the appearance value. People are all animals with a perspective, and they tend to like beautiful and exquisite items. Beautiful and unique packaging can attract consumers and make them willing to pay for them, so as to achieve the purpose of sales. Handing over factory products to packaging box manufacturers can increase sales by customizing gift boxes. Because through customization, a packaging effect suitable for the product brand can be designed. There are more options in the packaging scheme. You can choose the material that matches the product positioning style. Special papers such as crocodile paper and cloth paper can increase the effect of gift boxes, and also add a sense of fashion and superiority to the product. Add appropriate processes according to the effect of the gift box, such as bronzing and embossing are common processes for custom gift boxes. Elements and design bonuses can greatly enhance the appearance value and at the same time increase the favorability of consumers' products. 2. Freely customize the details. Through the gift box customization, you can customize the appropriate size. Design all aspects of the gift box, such as the color selection of the outer packaging, the choice of material, the shape of the gift box, and the box design. Add product slogans and promotional information. The effects of different colors, materials, and sizes are completely different. The brand understands its own products and customizes the above details freely, so as to better present the good effect of the gift box. 3. Improve customer experience Exclusive customized gift boxes can improve the overall shopping experience of consumers. Brand manufacturers can add personalized designs to the packaging of gift boxes from the perspective of consumers. For example, some small sentences that can inspire empathy, or the addition of different small elements to each package make consumers feel new and different from other product packaging. Many traditional gift packaging boxes on the market are not so beautiful in appearance and not very practical. People will discard the gift boxes after buying the products. The design of the gift box can add some practical functions, using hard materials such as gray board to make the gift box stronger. Add some small partitions to make it have the function of a storage box. The above answers to why custom gift boxes are the mainstream of the masses, I hope it can help you,
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