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Why is cardboard the popular choice for making gift boxes? -haobobox printing and packaging company

by:HAOBO     2021-12-31
I don’t know if you have noticed that when we shop in the supermarket or browse the products in the store, most of the gift boxes of the products are made of cardboard. Everyone chooses gift cartons to pack their products. Why do so many brand products only use gift cartons? After all, there are many materials that can make gift boxes, including plastic boxes, wooden boxes, and iron boxes. Why can gift cartons become mainstream packaging boxes? Here is a detailed answer for you. 1. Cardboard has versatility. The use of cardboard is very flexible, it can adapt to the shape and size of the product, and it has strong stiffness, folding resistance, can adapt to temperature changes, and can protect products from damage. At the same time, it can be dyed and colored according to the color requirements of the packaging design. The cardboard can be used for printing various printing processes to add texture and beautiful viewing angle effects to the gift box. If the hot stamping process is applied to the cardboard, the plain and dull packaging can instantly become high-end and exquisite, making it more attractive. Cardboard can add various patterns and elements, and can be presented clearly and intuitively. The most important thing is that cardboard can present packaging design. Its price is much cheaper than wood, iron and copper, and its cost-effectiveness is extremely high. 2. Cardboard is environmentally friendly. In the context of today's promotion of environmental protection, people will consider whether the product is environmentally friendly when buying products. This idea has affected everyone, and in order to protect the environment, environmentally friendly gift boxes should become the mainstream of the masses. Cardboard has the advantage of being recyclable. It is used in the production of gift boxes to protect the environment and reduce data waste. Nowadays, many cardboards can be made of synthetic materials, such as pearl paper. It has the characteristics of unlimited recycling. Even at the end of its life, it can be recycled. Because the short life of gift cartons is well known, consumers buy Gift cartons are generally discarded when returning goods. 3. Cardboard can reduce transportation costs. Cardboard is very light. Gift boxes made of it will not increase the overall weight of the product. It can also reduce the transportation cost of the product during the transportation process and also reduce the transportation fuel. During the transportation of cardboard, due to its breaking resistance, sturdiness, compression resistance and tensile strength, it can prevent the goods from being damaged by collisions and moisture exposure. Can withstand long transportation journeys. The above is the entire content of this article,
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