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Why are the prices of health care products gift boxes so different? -haobobox printing and packaging company

by:HAOBO     2022-01-21
When you first enter the health care product packaging industry, you may be puzzled about the price of health care products and gifts and customized products. It is obviously the same production process and the same material, but because of the different box types, the price will be more obvious. Why is this? From our perspective, I will answer this puzzle with you from the perspective of health care product packaging box manufacturers, and explain why there is such a big price difference due to different box types. The price of the health care product gift box can be divided into different shapes. 1. Irregular box Irregular box type is the most expensive of all box types. Irregular boxes broadly refer to polygonal and hexagonal boxes. Why are they so expensive? Because there are fewer machines for producing these health care products box polygons, the production speed is very slow in the process of making these special-shaped boxes. The same speed has already produced a lot of other box types, while the output of polygonal boxes is much less. . Thereby increasing production costs, as well as manpower and material time. This is uncontrollable. Because there are fewer machines produced, the price of starting the machine will inevitably be higher. The operation of the machine is also burning money during the production. It is cumbersome to make irregular box types, and the price of the box type must be high. It includes the labor cost of the factory. The high cost of working with the machine. 2. Drawer box The price of drawer box is also higher. Because there are fewer machines, the operating costs of the machines are high, and the machines are expensive and cost human resources. And the drawer box structure contains ribbons, and the production of ribbons also requires cost, so the price will be high. Sometimes, according to customer design needs, UV printing technology is added to the box to enhance the artistic effect and three-dimensional effect of the health care product gift box, which is more convenient for market circulation and sales. The production of drawer boxes has certain requirements for labor, and unfamiliar memories will cause scrap and loss. The price increases accordingly when manpower is used. 3. Tiandi Lid Box Tiandi Lid box type is a widely used and commonly used box type in our market. Due to the high output of the Tiandi cover box and the wide circulation, the machine for making it is cheap, and the craftsmanship required for making it is not high, no complicated printing process is needed, and the production process is simple and fast. Therefore, its pricing is affordable and cost-effective. It is the first choice for many businesses when making health care products gift boxes. The above is the answer to the price difference of the health care product gift box. If you want to know more, please contact our company. Thank you for your attention and reading!
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