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Which printing processes conflict with each other?

by:HAOBO     2022-01-18
Various packaging boxes on the market emerge in an endless stream. With the improvement of quality requirements and aesthetics of packaging boxes, people have a certain pursuit of price or quality effects. The printing process can enrich the packaging effect and look more distinctive. Our commonly used printing technology has an increasing role in packaging, and people are paying more and more attention to packaging box printing, not only for price but also for quality. The process is the method to optimize the quality of the packaging box. Commonly used processes include bronzing, UV, varnish, matt oil, reverse UV, bump, special gold, light film, bronzing and silver and so on. In order to pursue better results, is it better to use many techniques together? In fact, there will be conflicts when many processes are put together, and the opposite effect will be caused. In the printing process, one of the more frequent mistakes is the light film and UV or oil. UV itself is light, and the light film is also bright. The packaging box printing surface paper process light coating film conflicts with UV and oil, so it cannot be oiled after coating. Bronzing also conflicts with varnish and UV. Because the hot stamping in printing is to absorb the gold paper to the paper through pressure and heat, the material is metal, so varnish or UV cannot be absorbed. The above briefly describes the processes that cannot be superimposed, and you can refer to them. Many processes cannot be superimposed. Too many processes will appear messy and there is no key to distinguish the priority. The process selection should be considered according to the characteristics of the product. Appropriateness can show value and perfect effect.
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