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What should I pay attention to when customizing a jewelry box? -haobobox printing and packaging company

by:HAOBO     2022-01-09
Jewelry is bright and dazzling, and the price is high and there is room for value preservation. What is higher than its own value is the source of the story of each piece of jewelry and the owner. A piece of jewelry can accompany oneself for a long time. It may entrust the owner's beautiful vision of life, or a testimony of precious things, or a commemoration of a specific date. Therefore, we must protect it well, so that it can continue to bloom its light and value. A custom jewelry box is your good choice, but the precious jewelry gives value, it is certainly not casually thrown in a box, then how to find a suitable and safe box for jewelry, the following is my pair and custom jewelry box Introduction of some precautions. 1. Appropriate inner support Jewelry is very susceptible to wear, so it is very important to include a suitable inner support in the jewelry box. Design a suitable inner support according to the material and shape of the jewelry. The material of the inner support can be selected from non-corrosive materials, such as pearl cotton. The soft material can protect the jewelry from direct contact with the hard box body. Extend the service life of jewelry, and open the box to show more delicate and beautiful appearance. 2. Special appearance Jewelry itself is dazzling and beautiful. The appearance design of the jewelry box must correspond to the temperament of the jewelry, highlighting the temperament of the jewelry. If you are a jewelry brand manufacturer, you must pay attention to the appearance design. Appropriate design for jewelry and brand, make it unique, integrate brand information and core concepts in appearance, and unique appearance packaging, which allows customers to form memory points in their minds and attract customers to buy, thereby improving Sales Performance. 3. Sturdy box body Jewelry box is the place where jewelry is always stored. The sturdy box body can ensure the service life of the box, and achieve the characteristics of resistance to tension and moisture. Ensure that the jewelry will not be damaged during transportation. The box body should be made of materials with a high degree of firmness, such as thick cardboard, plastic blanks, wood, etc. In addition to their high sturdiness, they have strong plasticity and can be designed in various shapes according to requirements. The sturdy box body ensures that there will be no problems with the product and avoid unnecessary loss of human and material resources due to improper protection. The above are the precautions about custom jewelry box, I hope it can help you,
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