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What should be paid attention to in the packaging design of paper wine boxes?

by:HAOBO     2021-12-31
Packaging box design is an important part of our packaging box manufacturers before packaging. It includes packaging box type design and printing process design, etc. The design of paper wine boxes must match the quality and price grade of the wine. In wine box packaging, packaging designers should base themselves on the cultural characteristics of wine products, and strive to make wine boxes into high-value-added prints with mellow cultural heritage and distinctive personality characteristics with the concept of surface decoration design and shape structure design. Decoration design is the soul of paper wine box design. Packaging designers must first understand the historical origin and cultural background of wine products, know the basic information such as the flavor category and mellow characteristics of wine products, and then give the wine products from a professional design perspective The unique shelf image shows the regional characteristics and connotative characteristics of wine products. At the same time, packaging designers must master the implementation of new printing technologies and processes, actively listen to the suggestions of printing technicians, and appropriately incorporate anti-counterfeiting measures to achieve the purpose of promoting sales while safeguarding the legitimate interests of consumers. The box-shaped design is the torso of the paper wine box packaging. The attractive 'posture' of the wine box can always give wine products a shelf effect of 'outstanding' to stimulate consumers' desire to buy. At present, the box design of paper wine box packaging mainly refers to the change design of the box structure, which usually includes the change design of the box body structure and the change design of the lid structure. Printing and processing links: 1. Pre-press technicians should carefully understand the packaging designer’s design concept, fully understand the packaging designer’s conceptual mood, carefully compile pre-printing process documents, and rationally select trapping and mutual pressure parameters and setting the bleeding size , Box surface overlap avoidance and other technological treatments, to ensure that the wine box largely meets the design wishes of the packaging designer. 2. The printing operator should follow the principle of 'color sequence with high overprinting accuracy in close proximity' to rationally arrange the printing color sequence, select the appropriate printing pressure and printing speed for printing operations, and compare standard samples from time to time to check the printing quality of the printed matter. 3. Post-press processing mainly undertakes the tasks of surface finishing and box body forming of wine boxes, generally including laminating/glazing, hot stamping, embossing/concave-convex, die-cutting indentation, window pasting, box pasting, etc. . Post-press operators should pay close attention to the key control points of each post-press process to prevent quality defects.
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