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What role does color play in gift box packaging? -haobobox packaging and printing company

by:HAOBO     2021-12-30
Color can represent different meanings and can directly express its purpose and intention. For example, red represents enthusiasm, blue represents tranquility, and gold represents luxury and luxury. Through the color, the characteristics and performance of the product can be judged, and the style and positioning of the product brand can be recognized at a glance. For example, the well-known luxury brand Tiffany has a well-known brand color, which is a green close to light blue, also known as Tiffany blue. This color has become the soul and core of this brand and runs through the packaging and products of this brand. . It exerts the effect of color to its extreme. Color not only represents the brand, but also affects the sensory emotions of consumers. Through the color, the brand can be associated with the brand and consumers will have memory points. Pantone Color Company announces the annual color every year. It has great influence. For example, the popular color in 2019 is coral orange. We can see its application in many product packaging, commodities, interior decoration, electronic products, etc. , It penetrates into every industry, color will help people keep up with the trend and satisfy consumers' expectations and longings for new things. Color used in gift box packaging can stimulate consumers' senses and affect consumer psychology. It is one of the means to attract customers. The following explains its role in detail for you. 1. Color represents consumer expectations. Color can reflect the psychology of consumers. Different colors have different temperatures and characteristics. The gift box can be used to pack different products by applying its proper color through product characteristics. For example, items for children, such as children’s toys, children’s towels, children’s toothbrushes, etc. can be used in warm colors. Children like bright colors. Bright colors look warm and energetic, which is very simple and happy. World outlook and psychology. If you choose dark colors for the gift box packaging of children's products, the effect will be much worse. People of different personalities and ages have a certain understanding and expectations of colors. Reasonable use of color can make the packaging icing on the cake. 2. Color can promote environmental protection. Color used in gift box packaging can remind everyone to pay attention to environmental protection and form a green environmental awareness. For example, using green, coupled with text to tell people the importance of environmental protection, can spread the concept of green to a certain extent, and can also reflect this in gift boxes, such as using recyclable packaging materials such as gray boards and pearls. Paper etc. 3. The integration of color and packaging design. The integration of color and packaging design. Different colors are matched with different designs. The colors of fashion trends are interwoven with the brand logo, and appropriate element patterns are added through the brand style and color characteristics. It can better show the characteristics of the product and make the gift box unique, forming a significant difference from other products. Color makes the packaging design more attractive and magnifies its advantages. The above is an explanation of the role of color in the gift box, I hope it can help you,
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