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What principles should be followed when designing a jewelry box? -haobobox printing and packaging company

by:HAOBO     2022-01-07
The exquisite eyebrows of jewellery are beautiful and beautiful. They are petite and expensive. They seem to be just a small stone or something that is easy to be invisible, but it is enough to make countless women go crazy. Its small body contains dazzling light. At the same time, jewellery can represent many meanings beyond money, such as the pledge of loyalty when proposing marriage, or the love that is full of countless love. Natural gifts have undergone brand packaging and processing to become beautiful products. Nowadays, the jewelry industry has become one of the competitive retail industries. To make one's own jewelry brand stand out from many opponents, high-end and exquisite jewelry box packaging design is very necessary. A sufficiently exquisite jewelry box can highlight the nobility and extraordinaryness of the product, and at the same time promote product sales and enhance brand awareness The powerful means. So what principles do we need to follow when designing a jewelry box? The following is a detailed explanation for you. 1. Simplicity and luxury Jewelry itself belongs to the category of luxury goods. Gold, silver, diamonds and gems are all expensive. Consumers who choose to buy jewelry are also attracted by their value. At the same time, jewelry can be used to enhance their value and show their personal temperament. Therefore, in the packaging strategy of jewelry, simple and luxurious design style and jewelry box packaging are appropriate. Luxury means that excessive packaging can easily confuse consumers and distract the main information. The simple style can highlight the temperament of jewelry and show the cleanliness of the product. In the packaging design of the jewelry box, simplicity and luxury are perfectly integrated. The color can be selected from a single color, clean and simple, but the paper is rich in texture. The texture is vertical and low-key without losing luxury. In the simple background, the silver hot stamping process is added to the brand information and text, which echoes the luxurious temperament of the jewelry, and achieves the consistency of the packaging and the product. Textured jewelry boxes are a competitive difference. The simple and luxurious style is unconventional to show the brand's style characteristics, breaking the inherent image and appearance of traditional jewelry boxes on the market that can only be stacked with impetuous and gorgeous elements. This can better reflect the brand and product value. 2. Practicability No matter what product it is, the first thing consumers value is quality. The main function of the jewelry box is to protect the product in good condition and prevent it from being damaged. As we all know, jewelry gold is easy to be scratched and affect the appearance. If there is more, it will greatly reduce the value of the product. Therefore, it is important to design a jewelry box to ensure its sturdiness and practicality. The material of the gift box is made of sturdy, foldable and durable materials such as grey board and double grey. 3. Commercial In addition to the role of jewellery boxes to protect the goods, another important function is brand promotion. Jewelry boxes can intuitively convey product information and brand spirit and characteristics to consumers. The logo printed on the jewelry box integrates with exquisite design, so that consumers can remember the brand and achieve the purpose of sales. The above are the points that need to be paid attention to when designing the jewelry box packaging, I hope it can help you,
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