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What kind of perfume box is the level of a gift box packaging?

by:HAOBO     2022-01-23
Exquisite perfume packaging boxes can quickly capture consumers and bring higher sales to perfume companies, thereby promoting deeper cooperation between perfume companies and perfume boutique box manufacturers, provided that the packaging factory can provide a beautiful perfume box , This is a custom jewelry box manufacturer for perfume merchants and perfume boutique boxes
The relationship is an important condition for further cooperation, so what kind of perfume box is the level of a gift box packaging? There are more perfume styles in the form of cylinder or cuboid, so the packaging box for this product is actually similar to the customized structure of the cosmetic box. There are some differences. The cosmetic box includes a flat foundation such as foundation. Box type, and more than 90% of the perfume box type is a vertical structure. This data can be seen in the haobobox perfume boutique box production sample room. The relevant ones are all vertical cuboid, so it is very important to choose a suitable box type. An important step. After the shape and structure of the packaging box are determined, the materials used for making this packaging box are particularly important. At present, soft boxes account for a large number of materials suitable for perfume boxes and a small amount of hard cartons, but they are of little value. It’s hard cartons that take up a bit more proportion, while soft boxes take up a huge market share, but the unit price is low, and it is used by many cheaper perfumes. Merchants need to check their seats, determine what route this product is taking, and inform the perfume. Boutique box custom jewelry box manufacturer
You will get the corresponding answer. The market for cardboard boxes is for high-end people, suitable for gifts, so the value of the product itself will be very high, and the competitiveness of the product can be determined. After confirming the type and material of the packaging box, it is time to choose the craft and color. Different from ordinary color boxes, color boxes are suitable for some fancy products, and the applicable craftsmanship is also limited. Four-color printing has been done. The color box merchants know that once the volume is too large, the color of the first and last batches of four-color printing will definitely be different, but for spot color printing, the perfume boutique box manufacturer will give a very expensive price, so It is recommended that everything be kept simple, just move the knife from the logo, use hot stamping or UV technology. The skills highlight the product's trademark, and it can have some unique atmosphere and give consumers a different experience. After everything is confirmed, the packaging box of this perfume product can be officially put into production. Follow the process of proofing, customer confirmation, mass production, production, and logistics, and you can receive a batch of content from the perfume boutique box manufacturer. The perfume is packaged. Well, the above is the knowledge shared by haobobox to everyone today, please pay more attention to those you like! Every day there will be different knowledge to share with everyone!
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