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What kind of cosmetic box is easier for consumers to like?

by:HAOBO     2022-01-24
Cosmetics should be an enduring topic. Everyone has the heart to love beauty. In the current era that pays attention to appearance, the sales of cosmetics can be said to continue to rise. Nowadays, most of the main consumers are born in the 80s and 90s. People in this category are all chasing fashion sense, so you should pay special attention when designing cosmetic boxes. So what kind of cosmetic boxes are easier for consumers to like? How to design, let haobobox tell you. 1. What box type is right for you? I have made various packaging boxes and have my own opinions on the packaging of different products. Whenever a customer asks about cosmetic packaging, the first thing to determine is the customer's product and value. At this time, thin paper can be considered. Of course, pit boxes that are mainly used for transportation are also possible. As long as the design is unique, the packaging will be exquisite. Thicker paper is the first condition, we can suggest some unique packaging. The Tiandi Box is an ordinary packaging box type, of course, with perfect design and craftsmanship, it will also make people yearn for. According to customer requirements, book boxes, environmentally friendly kraft boxes, drawer boxes, and display boxes can all be good choices. 2. Reasonable collocation of inner support. Cosmetics look less messy. If your cosmetics are all bottled, consider making a high-end eva or sponge inner support. Each cosmetic has its own position, looks orderly, and the price is not so outrageous. Of course, if you choose an affordable shipping box. Taking into account the safe transportation of the product, raffia and copy paper are good choices. Maybe the product is not so patchy, but proper placement can also make him look unique. Third, the choice of printing process For cosmetic packaging with its own brand, logo is a good way to let customers know you. In order to make the logo look unique, we generally suggest different processes based on the characteristics of the customer's logo. Hot stamping is our more commonly used process, gold, silver, rose gold, etc., you can choose. Of course, in addition to bronzing, we also have UV, embossing and other methods to highlight the logo. Making your brand more glamorous will also increase the overall high-end feel of the packaging box.
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