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What issues should be paid attention to when designing gift boxes?

by:HAOBO     2022-01-04
These days, haobobox encounters many questions that customers ask about the design of gift boxes. What kind of packaging is suitable for you? Indeed, with a wide variety of products, gift packaging plays a key factor in whether one's own products have good sales, whether they can compete with their peers, or whether they can get rid of their peers. Today haobobox will tell you, what are the issues that need to be paid attention to when designing gift boxes? First of all, what are gifts for? Most of them are gifts to friends, relatives, colleagues or leaders, so the gift is about face, no matter how good a product is, but the packaging is not satisfactory, I think few people would choose him. What is special about packaging is whether your packaging must have characteristics and whether it can stand out from the competition. Secondly, the basic product information on our packaging should be expressed clearly and clearly, so that consumers can see that the advantages of our products are displayed in conspicuous places, and the products that will be paid attention to when consumption is attracted. On the contrary, consumers don't care about your products. What use is your product information no matter how well you write it? There is also the choice of packaging box material. Choose different materials for different packaging. It is not that the better my material is, the better the packaging effect will be. This is a big mistake. The packaging design is in the right packaging. Choose the right material. If a manufacturer always recommends choosing an expensive material, then he just wants to make your money. It is environmental protection. No matter what we do, environmental protection is the first priority. We should pay more attention to environmental protection when we make packaging. We should try our best to choose environmentally friendly materials, which can be recycled for secondary processing, and do not pollute the environment. This is even more important. Safety.
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