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What issues should be paid attention to when customizing gift boxes?-haobobox printing and packaging company

by:HAOBO     2022-01-10
It is very necessary to make an exquisite and suitable packaging for one's own products. The gift box can play a role in protecting the product from damage. It is a safe storage space for the product to reach the consumer. So what issues should businesses pay attention to when customizing gift boxes for their products? Here is the answer for you: 1. During transportation, sturdy packaged goods will inevitably be damaged on the road. For example, bumps when being boxed, bumps on the way. Or it may be affected by temperature and humidity, making the product mildew and affecting the physical appearance of the product, which looks very bad. If it is on the shelf, customers will also have a bad impression of the brand due to the poor product quality. After these situations occur, Merchants not only have to bear the loss of human, material, and financial resources when the goods are scrapped, but they also have to face the difficult situation that the goods cannot be sold due to the decline in word-of-mouth. Therefore, when customizing a gift box, the choice of the material of the gift box is very important. The use of hard paper such as kraft paper can avoid these bad situations. A gift box packaging with fixed performance, flexural and compression resistance is one of the keys to the success of the product. 2. Brand integration and packaging of a gift box need to be focused. If there is no focus, customers will not know what the box is meant to express, what purpose it is for, and what the product is inside. Brand information and product characteristics are indispensable information in the content of the gift box, and the brand is mainly integrated into the packaging. It allows consumers to have a clear understanding of the brand and product, so as to determine whether the product is what they need. Design the gift box packaging according to the brand and product positioning, assuming that the brand positioning is high-quality, simple and stylish. Then the packaging of the box should correspond to it. Live up to consumers' expectations of products due to packaging. 3. Appropriate size Assuming that you are a customer and you are buying a product, the packaged gift box is many times larger than the product. Would you feel deceitful, because you will first feel that the product is the same size and the same size as the gift box? matched. Therefore, when customizing a gift box, the box must fit perfectly with the size of the product, so that consumers will not feel deceived in the perspective of the packaging. At the same time, the packaging with a suitable size can better display the effect of the product. The above is the discussion and summary of the problem of custom gift box, I hope it can help you,
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