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What is the trend of gift box packaging industry? -haobobox printing and packaging company

by:HAOBO     2022-01-02
The use of gift boxes is becoming more and more widespread. It is a part of commodities and an effective guarantee to protect commodities from external damage. With the rapid development of the printing and packaging industry and the continuous growth of people's needs, the packaging technology of gift boxes is also constantly improving. People are no longer satisfied with the previous gift box packaging model, it is outdated. People over-exploit natural resources, and environmental protection is an important theme for human coexistence today. At the same time, no matter what product is produced, processed, shipped, and transported, it will inevitably be polluted and uncontrollable damage. The damage of the product will affect the value of the product. The safety of the product has always been the concern and concern of consumers. The problem. Therefore, nowadays, gift box packaging needs to be continuously improved based on these issues. Safe, green, smart, and functional packaging has become an industry development trend that adapts to conditions. To a certain extent, it can solve the problem of green environmental protection and effectively guarantee product quality problems. The following is a detailed introduction for you. 1. Safe packaging The function of the gift box is to store the goods, provide an effective storage space for the goods, and ensure that the safety and quality of the goods are not affected. Because a commodity will encounter various injuries in the process of transportation, such as the shaking of the road, the product will bump and produce scratches, which will affect the appearance, or the product will be directly thrown out of the box by impact, which may cause the product to be scrapped. Sales increase business losses. A damaged product will be greatly discounted in the minds of consumers and will have a certain impact on the brand's reputation. Therefore, how to ensure product quality and safety has become the focus of the industry's attention. An effective way to solve this problem is to make the product gift box have a safe packaging. The material of the gift box has high safety performance. Able to be foldable. Hard-to-break, durable and durable packaging paper, such as gray board, kraft paper, etc. In the structural design, the tightness of the gift box is considered, and a safe gift box is designed, which must be sampled and tested before being put into mass production. 2. Green packaging As mentioned above, green environmental protection is an important theme in today's society. The raw material of the gift box material comes from wood pulp, which will make uncontrollable use and exploitation of resources. A commodity gift box has no value in the eyes of consumers. Therefore, when the commodity is bought back, the gift box is often discarded by customers. At the same time, it is a waste of resources that poses a problem for environmental protection. Therefore, in order to implement the concept of green environmental protection. To reduce pollution and waste, it is necessary to use green packaging for gift boxes. The use of environmentally friendly materials, it has the characteristics of recycling, reducing damage to nature, such as pearl paper and other synthetic paper is a good choice. To realize the concept of low-carbon and environmental protection, it also conveys to consumers the connotation of the brand's pursuit of environmental protection and greenness. 3. Smart packaging When consumers are interested in goods, they all hope to get more information from the gift box packaging, so that they can judge whether the goods are good or bad and whether they are worth buying. With the progress of the times and the development of science, adding smart labels to the surface of the gift box can help consumers to easily check the authenticity and date of delivery of the product, dispelling customers' doubts. Smart label, also known as radio frequency, is an important part of smart packaging. It has the advantages of uniqueness and simplicity. 4. Functional packaging Gift boxes should not only be used to contain goods. It has low practical value, is easy to be discarded by customers, wastes resources, is not environmentally friendly, and cannot form memory points in customers' minds. Let the gift box have more functions to solve these problems. Add a partition in the middle of the gift box, or choose the drawer type of the box to make it easier to store, so that it has the function of a storage box, or the packaging is exquisitely designed to make it a collection that will not be easily discarded, which effectively guarantees Reuse rate of gift boxes. The above is the whole content of this article, I hope I can help you,
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