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What is the role of powder removal in the production of packaging boxes?

by:HAOBO     2022-01-20
Recently, we thought that when a customer came to our factory for an inspection, he mentioned a professional problem, that is, seeing that we were de-flouring our packaging box. What puzzled him was that he made it in the packaging box. Why do you need to remove powder during the process? First of all, let me tell you about where does this fan come from? In the printing process of paper, in order to dry the ink as soon as possible, powder spraying technology is used to speed up the drying of the ink. Generally, only one side of the printed product needs to be sprayed and dried, and the other side does not need to be sprayed. However, in the powder spraying process, the dust It is not easy to be controlled, so there is often a lot of dust on the other side of printed products that do not need to be sprayed, and these dusts have a greater impact on the coating of printed products, which can easily cause the fastness of the film to decrease, and the film will be formed. And other issues. Through the above understanding, I know where the powder comes from. Next, I will tell you why the packaging box is de-fluttered? Before the printed paper is coated, it is necessary to carry out the dust removal operation. Generally, several brush rollers are installed to remove the dust on the surface of the printed products. In order to improve the dust removal rate, a negative pressure suction device will be installed. Directly suck the cleaned dust away to avoid secondary adhesion of the dust on the printed products. If it is an automatic laminating machine, high-efficiency powder removal equipment is installed at the front of the machine, and the powder removal device can often achieve the effect of removing powder before the paper is glued. We remove the powder in the packaging box production process to prevent dust from adhering to the surface of the printed packaging box. Only when our packaging technology is produced will it be better and make our packaging boxes more beautiful. .
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