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What is the reason for the huge changes in the customization of health products boxes?

by:HAOBO     2022-01-22
Simple style has become popular in the society. Packaging design in the packaging industry has begun to advocate a simple design style. Health care product packaging boxes are no exception. The design of many health care product boxes has undergone great changes. In the packaging industry, packaging styles The major change is the customized health care product packaging box. There are many reasons. The following is printed by haobobox to summarize the possible reasons for the change. 1. The appearance of the packaging box is too luxurious. Many people think that the middle-aged and elderly people are rich now, and they are indeed rich in the first half of their lives. There are also news reports that elderly people have been deceived. Many elderly people are actually unwilling to lavish money management. In fact, they are mainly defrauded of so much money by fraud gangs. The main reason is that the emptiness around them and their hearts allows these fraudsters to take advantage of them. It is not that the elderly like very luxurious things. The packaging and printing process of health care products is just a simple hush and ask for warmth. However, with relevant news reports, young people have begun to care about their parents and elders. Many scammers have discovered that there are not so many opportunities to take advantage of, and there is no need to spend a lot of money to build 'products, In fact, the luxurious packaging is not as good as their warmth. 2. Customers who have a lot of demand for product inner care for packaging boxes should find that whether it is a customized health care product box or other health care product printing plants, the changes in the inner care are also obvious, because the inner care will be relied on in 2008. With the diversification of styles and the influx of capital, EVA, a high-quality bottled product, is a very good foil, while the operation of other materials and satin cloth is very suitable for products in the form of tributes such as ginseng and bird’s nest. , The more advanced is the endless fancy decorations such as flocking. However, since the beginning of 2014, the inner tray of health care products has gradually appeared in the paper tray type. The inner tray of the paper tray may not seem too high-end, and the inner tray of the paper tray is also beneficial, and the cost is greatly reduced. , Whether it is high-quality glass products or shark's fin bird's nest in the form of tribute, you can add satin cloth to match. The advantages of paper trays will gradually highlight the reasons for the health care product packaging box. Give some advice to the small partners who make health care product boxes. If you need to customize the health care product packaging box, please contact our customer service and customize it on demand!
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