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What is the reason for choosing single copper for gift handbag customization?

by:HAOBO     2022-01-03
I believe that many small partners have not discovered that compared to other industries, the changes in handbags made by packaging box manufacturers in recent years have basically stagnated, so why does jewelry handbag customization show such a trend? And the changes, haobobox boldly analyze the reasons for everyone! First, our domestic or foreign handbag customization requirements have not been higher. This is largely limited by the current level of technology. Although there are now a lot of special papers, these materials can provide production, but as introduced in the past From some of the information we can know, if specialty paper is selected as the main material for the production of handbags, it will inevitably lead to a delay in the entire delivery period. Moreover, the main materials for custom jewelry paper bags are not in the circulation of special paper. This also shows from the side that in fact, the industry has reached a bottleneck. Many circulating materials have no characteristics, and many characteristic materials are not easy to produce. So many times merchants and manufacturers are defeated by reality. Who doesn't want to make a cool and beautiful handbag to pack their products? Secondly, it is the issue of production cost. If just said that the problem of production technology has led to the simplification of the choice of jewelry paper bag customization, then the production cost is undoubtedly worse, because the levels of paper bags are different. It is directly paper + craft + hand rope + beer board. Unlike the paper box, if the inner material is cheaper and the darker printed double copper paper is slightly thinner, the cost may not be as good as a thick single copper paper. Therefore, the paper bag can directly affect the price and cost, it is directly the material of the paper. Obviously, the paper mentioned in the previous article will also distinguish the problem of specifications, and the cost of a paper with excellent quality and unique style. The price far exceeds the price of ordinary single-coated paper, and the huge price difference has led many small partners to choose single-coated paper instead of specialty paper. Haobobox prints professional customized gift tote bags. If you need it, please consult our customers!
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