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What is the hot silver process? -haobobox printing and packaging company

by:HAOBO     2021-12-23
The use of hot silver technology is very common in our lives. For example, some commodity packaging boxes will use hot silver technology, which looks advanced and has a texture. The following is a detailed introduction to you what is the hot silver process. Hot silver is a printing process that does not use ink. It is often used on many paper packaging. It uses a certain pressure and temperature to use the template installed on the hot stamping machine to make the printed matter and the hot stamping foil receive each other in a short time. Press to transfer the metal foil or pigment foil to the surface of the hot-stamped print according to the image and text of the hot-stamping template. In layman's terms, hot silver refers to the process of hot stamping anodized aluminum onto the surface of the substrate under a certain temperature and pressure. The hot silver process has a long-lasting color sample and does not fade. It can be printed on many kinds of paper. The cost is lower than the traditional process. It is a very ideal printing decoration process. What are the functions and advantages of hot silver? Hot silver can be used for surface decoration. Improve the aesthetics and sophistication of the product, thereby increasing the added value of the product. The hot silver process can also be combined with other printing processes to add a stronger decorative effect. For example, the jewellery box adopts the combination of hot silver technology and embossing technology, and the relief effect highlights the key points of hot silver, which can show the nobility and atmosphere of jewelry. The hot silver for business cards is combined with textured paper. The clear texture and shiny silver look unique. Good business cards are easier to remember. The hot silver process can be used to make trademarks and give products a high level of imitation function. After hot silver, the product will have the characteristics of clear pattern, bright and eye-catching color, weather resistance, beautiful appearance and wear resistance. Therefore, the hot silver process is often used in production, gift handbags, product packaging boxes, book covers, picture albums, and so on. It has low production cost and high performance-price ratio. The hot stamping and hot stamping process have the same content, but the printed color is different, and the hot silver effect is silver. Bronzing is golden. It is a good choice for your production process. The content of hot silver is introduced here, if you want to know more, you can contact our company, we are very happy to answer you.
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