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What is the future development trend of jewelry boxes?

by:HAOBO     2021-12-25
From a quantitative point of view, many companies are now engaged in jewelry packaging, but from a development perspective, it is still immature, mainly in a single variety and backward design. Lack of industry standards and a series of problems. Although new materials and technologies provide new space for the design of jewelry boxes, such as resin, polyvinyl chloride, polyurethane, polyurethane imitation leather, etc., a variety of new papers (leather paper, wood paper, etc.) have been applied. However, the design of jewelry packaging box products in the market, such as insufficient visual impact, lack of diversity in form and function, etc., are still prominent in the design. why? 1. The modern jewellery industry as a whole started late, and the public demand for jewellery has been at a level of maintaining value. Because jewelry is a luxury item, only when the economy develops rapidly, people will have a bigger market when their lives are more prosperous. In the past ten years, China's jewelry industry has begun to show vitality. Driven by reform and opening up, the southern market is more active than the northern market. From a time point of view, the modern jewelry industry is very young and started relatively late as a whole. The corresponding jewelry matching products have not attracted the general attention of the industry. In addition, due to the uniqueness of jewelry itself, the transition from arts and crafts to modern design is still incomplete. Due to the limitations of traditional processing methods, many links still need to be completed manually. Over-reliance on labor-intensive production has also led to a low degree of modernization in the design of jewelry and its supporting industries. 2. The scale of the industry is small. Except for a few large domestic jewellery companies, jewellery factories are generally relatively small, and conditions limit them not to have their own packaging designers, or to customize packaging for certain types of jewelry. custom jewelry box manufacturer
And distributors usually buy packaged products directly. Although this can effectively reduce costs, it is very easy to cause misalignment in the integration and style of jewelry products and packaging. At present, jewelry packaging boxes circulating on the market can be divided into five categories: hard boxes, soft bags, cards, pallets, and props. They are mainly from small packaging companies. Due to their small scale and insufficient funds, the design investment will inevitably be insufficient. For a long time, jewelry packaging boxes and gift packaging have been mixed together and sometimes replaced each other. Some jewelry boxes are directly refitted from gift packaging factories, while others are mainly engaged in jewelry packaging boxes. This industry lacks norms and standards. Third, the traditional marketing model and marketing concept do not pay attention to the promotion of brand urgency, and ignore the value of packaging. Jewelry is a special kind of commodity, because its raw materials are very expensive, so in traditional marketing models and concepts, the light of raw materials often hides the value of style, technology, brand and so on. When the market is still immature, for ordinary consumers who lack identification experience, the real price seems to be more convincing than the brand, and consumers value the gold content of jewelry more. Of course, this is what people thought before. With the continuous improvement of people's living standards, people's requirements for jewelry are no longer just about preservation, and its appreciation has become important, so the design of jewelry packaging boxes has also become important. In the future, people's requirements for jewelry boxes will definitely become higher and higher, which requires custom jewelry box manufacturer
More and more designs and ideas can meet the needs of consumers.
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