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What is the future development trend of high-end gift boxes?

by:HAOBO     2021-12-24
In the past, when we packaged gifts, they were simple and protected, but there was nothing else to pay attention to. But in the current era, it is different. Nowadays, gift boxes are not only protective, especially some high-end gift boxes. Think about what high-end gift boxes should look like? Some people would say that expensive, luxurious, and gorgeous, high-end gift boxes are all labeled as such. But today in 2020, is this kind of packaging what we are pursuing, especially now that the popular packaging is green and environmentally friendly, we increasingly like simple packaging, and what we want more is the practicality of the packaging box instead of If you don’t see the packaging that you can’t use, haobobox will tell you what the future development of high-end gift boxes is. 1. Material for making gift boxes In the production of high-end gift boxes, coated paper and art paper were the first things we considered before. But today in pursuit of green and sustainable development, many packaging boxes have begun to use environmentally friendly high-white kraft paper, and some manufacturers even use imported ultra-white kraft paper. This white cowhide has an extraordinary texture and can be recycled and protects the environment. 2. Gift box type. Due to its novel style, convenient combination, suitable for various printing methods, and convenient storage and transportation, folding carton boxes are currently very well-known abroad. This trend has slowly developed into China. I believe that in the near future, Folding packaging boxes will also be popular in the domestic packaging industry. 3. Gift box printing process When it comes to the printing process, the process that we think of at the first time is often laminating. The laminating process is simple and cheap, and it helps to protect the color of the product surface and increase the toughness and burst resistance of the paper. But you probably don't know that the coated paper is difficult to recycle, non-degradable, and easy to cause red pollution. There are also many printing methods. For example, the preferred method now is to add the company’s logo and brand slogan with hot stamping or silver hot stamping. This is to make the brand more conspicuous and easier for consumers to remember. The effect of branding. High-end gift boxes do not mean luxury, or spend a lot of money to make very colorful packaging, it is good to choose your own suitable packaging, reasonable use of the simple style that young people like in today's society, and appropriate printing technology , There will often be unexpected results.
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