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What is the bronzing process? -haobobox printing and packaging company

by:HAOBO     2022-01-26
With the continuous improvement of people's requirements for the aesthetic appearance, quality and style of commodity packaging, in order to conform to the market, printing technology and packaging technology are constantly changing and trying to meet people's requirements. For example, the calendars, cigarette cases, wine packaging boxes, high-end gift packaging boxes, and food packaging boxes we see on the market now look more and more sophisticated and three-dimensional, and the cover of the box not only has a pattern that fits the brand. The design and surface will have the effect of bronzing, which not only looks noble and magnificent, but also looks high-end and exquisite. The bronzing process is the embodiment of today's printing technology and packaging technology that is developing vigorously. The following describes the specific content of the bronzing process. What is bronzing, bronzing is a printing decoration process. With the help of a certain pressure and temperature, the printed matter and the hot stamping plate are combined and pressed on the template. By heating and applying foil, the printed matter will be printed with golden patterns and text. Because hot stamping is mainly based on gold and silver. So it is called bronzing. The hot stamping process is very simple, so the production process and management are very smooth, and the products can also be produced with high efficiency and high quality. There are many advantages and advantages of the bronzing process. Hot stamping products with hot stamping process will not have ink residue, which greatly saves raw material resources. Hot stamping also has the feature of not restricting the material of the printed material, and many materials can be stamped and printed. Such as paper, plastic, leather, etc., such as film packaging boxes and hot stamping gift paper packaging boxes that often appear on the market. Hot stamping of color patterns with hot stamping technology can be successfully hot stamped only once, which can greatly reduce the loss of machines and materials. One of the most significant advantages is that there will be no unpleasant smell of ink during the hot stamping process, which will not cause pollution to the air, realizing green and pollution-free industrialization. The products printed by hot stamping process have clear patterns, brilliant colors, and are very wear-resistant. It can make your product unique, high-end and high-grade. Take gift packaging boxes as an example. The effect of hot stamping and no hot stamping is very different. The former can sublimate the entire packaging design and the texture of the box itself, playing a finishing touch, and even more. Attract consumers' attention. The latter has no bright colors, and it is difficult to get consumers' love and attention. The content of the bronzing process is introduced here. If you want to know more, please contact our company. Thank you for your attention and reading!
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