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What is textured paper?

by:HAOBO     2022-01-27
With the improvement of the printing industry and people’s aesthetics of printed products, people are more inclined to like beautiful and exquisite products. This is how high-quality paper came into being. This type of paper is different from ordinary paper and has a certain artistic flavor. It needs Through special paper processing equipment and technology, the finished paper processed in this way has rich colors and unique textures. The cloth paper that I want to introduce now belongs to fine paper, and it is the entry-level choice for fine paper business cards. Textured paper reflects the texture of paper through its texture. It has a variety of textures such as fine cloth, linen, white water, pinstripes, and Leoni. Different textures give people different feelings. The fine cloth pattern and linen pattern look like the texture of cloth, if the product needs to be made in imitation cloth style, they are a good choice for you. The white water pattern is more suitable for packaging design schemes of Chinese classical style. For example, the tea packaging box is very suitable for this kind of pattern. The white water pattern can be combined with the gray board to make the product look fresh and elegant and the Zen low-key of tea. Perfectly integrated, the gray board makes the overall packaging firmer and enhances the texture of the packaging box. The beaded and water-grained paper gives people a classic feel, and is suitable for book covers, posters, business cards, etc., adding a sense of atmosphere. Textured paper has the characteristics of high stiffness, clear and delicate texture, crisscross pattern, good ink absorption, soft and natural color, and will not be too gorgeous and give people a low-quality feeling. It doesn't feel rough to the touch, it is more novel than ordinary paper, and the printing effect is generous. It is a good choice for manufacturers to make exquisite products. The content of cloth paper is introduced here. If you want to know more, please contact our company. Thank you very much for your attention and reading!
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