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What is tactile paper? -haobobox printing and packaging company

by:HAOBO     2022-01-25
The lifestyle is changing rapidly due to the changes of the times. In the materials used, the concept of energy saving, environmental protection and low carbon is deeply rooted in the hearts of the people. Special paper packaging and printing must also meet the needs of consumers. . The touch-sensitive paper has a suede touch on its surface. When you touch it with your hands, it feels silky and stable like touching goose down. The color is full and there are no traces of dots left by the gravure, and it is unique and elegant. Due to its fine texture, smooth texture, and complex processing technology, it is especially suitable for packaging high-end goods, such as jewelry boxes, luxury jewelry boxes, and packaging shopping bags, highlighting the high-end luxury qualities of the products. The main selling points of tactile paper are as follows: 1. Bright and full color, no blemishes, no traces of dots, and high quality. 2. It is not limited by temperature and climate, can resist scratches and will not easily cause abrasion, and will not be damaged or affected by folding. It has the characteristics of not only appearance but also practicality. It will not fade, and the price is very high. 3. Tactile, silky and delicate. It feels good to the touch, has a clear sense of weight, and is not a low-quality material that fades like wax. Outstanding high-end packaging is inseparable from the application of specialty paper products. Even though there are tens of millions of substrates and decoration materials for packaging and printing, touch-sensitive paper is still one of the indispensable mainstreams in the market. The finished product of the touch-feel paper has a natural shape, a simple and simple feel, and a strong sense of elegance. The combination of bronzing or embossing and the touch-feel paper can show a sense of stability. It can add unique artistic effects to boring printing, and can be used for art books, covers of calligraphy and painting portfolios, inserts, hand-effect decorative picture albums, luxury gift boxes, handbags, high-end tea gift boxes, etc. The above is all the content of the touch-sensitive paper introduction, if you want to know more, you can contact our company. Thank you for your attention and reading!
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