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What is spot color printing? -haobobox printing and packaging company

by:HAOBO     2022-01-28
If you want to know what spot color printing is, you should first understand what it is. Then follow my steps and listen to my introduction. Spot color printing, split this term into two, we all know what printing means. Printing is to copy the manuscript on paper by means of ink and press. So what do spot colors mean? Spot color printing refers to the process of using inks in colors other than the four colors of yellow, magenta, cyan, and black to copy originals to make products. Note here that the process of copying the original manuscript printing with the above four colors is called four-color printing. Don't confuse the two. Spot color printing is not composed of four colors like four-color printing. It only uses a single color, which is to specially modulate the ink required for the design to print this color. It has no gradation. If you use a magnifying glass, you can't see the dots, while the four-color printing magnification has dots. The color printed by spot color printing will be more vivid and beautiful than the color produced by four-color printing and four-color mixing, such as the special silver or special gold background color on the gift box. In daily packaging and printing, spot color printing is usually used to print the required large-area background color, such as the cover of packaging products such as gift boxes, electronic product boxes, data line packaging, etc., which are common in our lives. It is difficult to find that all of these have a characteristic, that is, the colors are different, and the cover is designed by fusion with the product itself and composed of different color blocks or gradient color blocks and text. Then, when overprinting these color blocks, only one spot color ink is printed with spot color printing under the same color block. It can greatly improve the printing quality and save the cost and frequency of overprinting. In simple terms, using spot color printing can save a lot of pre-press production costs, which is very economical and affordable, so it is the best choice for packaging printing. The above is the content of spot color printing. If you want to know more, you can contact our company.
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