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What is specialty paper?

by:HAOBO     2022-01-26
The invention of paper facilitated our lives. The food, clothing, housing, and transportation in human life are all related to paper. Paper is used by us to record, pass on, print, and write. With the rapid development of the times and industrial technology, people's performance requirements and use of paper continue to improve, resulting in many special and purpose papers. This is the theme I want to introduce to you now, specialty paper. What is special paper? I will introduce you in detail below. Specialty paper is paper with a special purpose and relatively small output. It is a collective name for various specialty papers or fine art papers. Special papers can also be explained in two meanings. In the narrow sense: In addition to the functions of the paper itself, paper with other functions. In a broad sense: Special papers are called special papers that go beyond the previous characteristics of paper and have new functions. Such as being artistic. Specialty paper is made of different fibers or mixed wood pulp and other raw materials, combined with different materials for modification and processing. So it has different functions and uses. For example: building materials, electrical products, industrial filters, machinery industry, culture and art, etc. So what are the characteristics of specialty paper? Specialty paper has the characteristics of high added value and diversified applications. Specialty papers are increasing day by day, in industry, commerce, and culture. In the fields of education, electronics, etc., greater value is exerted, and the added value is also increasing. Can be used for a specific purpose. As mentioned above, special paper has a strong artistic quality. The use of special paper as the main material of commodity packaging boxes and bags is unique. Moreover, special paper is made by using different processing methods, and the finished paper has special characteristics. It can attract customers' attention even more. Specialty paper also has the characteristics of diversified selection of raw materials, and different fibers can be selected for raw materials, which can make up for the characteristics of natural fibers. So what are the specialty papers? There are many types of specialty papers, such as: cotton paper, rice paper, interlayer paper, dust-free paper, greaseproof paper, dustproof paper, rustproof paper, banknote paper, tissue paper, inkjet paper, wipe paper, thermal There are many types of sensitive paper, release paper base paper, carbonless copy paper, wallpaper base paper, glass cardboard, and other special papers. We will not introduce them one by one, but only introduce the special papers commonly used in printing. 1. Embossed paper It uses mechanical embossing to form a concave-convex pattern on the surface of the cardboard. In order to improve the texture and decorative effect of the paper, in the printing and packaging industry, the commonly used art paper and white paper are embossed before printing, and the embossed paper is made in this way. Packaging boxes and gift boxes made of embossed paper look particularly high-end, thereby increasing the added value of merchandise sales. Increase the value of goods. 2. Patterned paper Patterned paper is paper with patterns and textures on the paper, which can be divided into cloth pattern paper, dip net paper, antique effect paper and so on. The patterned paper is exquisite and ingenious. The products made with it are generous, beautiful and unique. The patterned paper can be combined with various printing processes, combined with the bronzing process, bronzing highlights the three-dimensional sense of the pattern, and complements each other. The combination with gray board is beautiful and practical. , More solid, like a tea box can be made like this. 3. The gold paper uses 24K gold as the material, and the gold paper developed by the use of nano-high technology can not only make the color image be printed directly on the gold, but also retain the elegance and performance of the gold. It has anti-oxidation, anti-discoloration, moisture-proof, and anti- The characteristic of moth avoids the shortcomings of traditional paper books that are easy to mold and moth, and can be stored for thousands of years. The above is all about the introduction of specialty paper. If you want to know more, please contact our company.
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