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What is single powder paper? -haobobox printing and packaging company

by:HAOBO     2022-01-27
What is single powder paper? If you want to understand what it is, you must know its origin and principle, so that you can know what it is. Let me introduce it in detail below. Single powder is also called white card in Guangdong. The surface and bottom layers are white, one side is smooth and the other side is rough; it is a single-layer or multi-layer combined paper made entirely of bleached chemical pulping and fully sized; coated paper is called double Powder, white on both sides and smooth on both sides, is a kind of base paper, white pigments, adhesives, and other auxiliary materials are uniformly coated on a coating machine, dried and super calendered. The two are still slightly different, don't confuse them. They are all pink paper, why are they called pink paper? It belongs to Hong Kong's name, the original English name of pink paper is ArtPaper, it is a common name for palaipin. Powder paper is one of the most used papers in the printing industry. After describing the principle and origin of single powder paper, I must have a general understanding. So what are its characteristics? Single powder paper is made by calendering a paint with a whiteness of more than 90% and finer particles through a super calender. Therefore, single-powder paper has the characteristics of white and uniform paper surface, smooth paper surface, good tactility, and high gloss. So because of this, single-powder paper is very suitable for making and printing various colorful exquisite gift boxes, practical packaging boxes, color pictorials, books, magazines, etc. At the same time, single-powder paper can be combined with a variety of printing processes, combined with bronzing and silver bronzing processes, it will show a unique artistic effect and be more refined, so the printed paper is especially suitable for making gift packaging. More selling points can capture the attention of consumers. Combining with the bumping process has a more three-dimensional effect, adding a viewing angle effect. After talking about its advantages, it also has the following disadvantages. The paper is heavier, making it difficult to carry as a book, which brings burden and pressure to people. It is not resistant to folding and will leave obvious marks after folding. Not moisture-proof and not weather-resistant. There are strict requirements on the storage location, otherwise it is easy to be damaged and mildewed, and the printed items cannot be stored for a long time. Items to be stored for a long time should not be printed on single-powder paper, other papers should be considered. The above is all about the single powder paper, if you want; to know more, you can contact our company, we are very happy to answer for you.
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