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What is Lenny pattern paper? -haobobox printing and packaging company

by:HAOBO     2022-01-25
If you usually pay attention to the products on the market, you will find the packaging of the products is dazzling, all kinds of exquisite packaging boxes and bags, of which Leoni paper is one of the packaging papers, which will be introduced in detail below. Lenny pattern paper has fine grid patterns on both sides, which is translated from English linen. Both sides have fine grid patterns, which is always classic and elegant style. The paper fibers are solid and uniform, and the paper color is pure and bright. Paper. Suitable for making business cards, book covers, gift boxes, internal publications, magazines, etc. Lenny paper has the following classifications: Shiny Lenny paper. This kind of paper is a score of Lenny's pattern. His surface has a traditional Lyney pattern with seven horizontal and eight vertical embossing patterns, which can provide different features and advantages to product packaging. The feel to the touch is also better than that of widely-circulated coated paper. The embossing on the surface of the paper looks very textured, and the smoothness of the surface is also very high. Without these embossing, it will be smoother than cardboard, which is like embossing lines on a smooth surface. These lines are also smooth, but cardboard is different. The surface of the cardboard is not smooth. It feels rough to the touch, and this is the characteristic of the shiny Lenny pattern. Embossed Lenny pattern. The texture is the same as the former, the embossing is not shiny, not as smooth and bright as the shiny Lenny pattern. The matte texture looks advanced and stylish. It also looks very connotative when used to make business cards. Lenny pattern paper can be combined with various printing processes to show different artistic effects. Lenny pattern and bronzing process are combined with each other, and the two complement each other. The texture and bronzing complement each other, high-class and temperament. The Lenny pattern paper produced by this process is very suitable for making gift packaging boxes. The exquisite three-dimensional and artistic sense can highlight the value of gifts in the box. The packaging box combined with gray board paper is firm and hard. It is beautiful and can protect the products in the box at the same time. The above is the whole content of Lenny's paper. If you want to know more, please contact our company, we are very happy to answer you, thank you for your attention and reading!
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