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What is greyboard paper? -haobobox printing and packaging company

by:HAOBO     2022-01-26
What we want to understand today is gray board paper, which is the main reason for the rigidity and long service life of gift boxes, packaging boxes, books, magazines and other paper products. What is grayboard paper, the following is a detailed introduction for you. Gray board is produced from a kind of recycled waste paper. It has very, very low requirements for raw materials. Unlike other paper production, which requires various conditions, it only needs waste paper, semi-chemical pulp, and semi-bleached pulp with less demanding raw materials. Gray cardboard made from these waste paper materials has the characteristics of smooth paper surface, good stiffness, not easily deformed, and strong hardness. Even folding cannot have much impact on it. The quality is excellent. It has high-grade paper quality but the price of low-grade paper. It is good in quality and cheap, which can greatly reduce production costs. It is precisely because of this that it is widely accepted by people. Likes and favors, the products are mainly used by people to make gift packaging boxes, advertising boards, cosmetic boxes, photo frame back panels, bags, hardcover books, health care products boxes, samples, liners, partitions, etc. Here is an explanation of what is gray board and its purpose, so what are the characteristics of gray board paper, we need to understand it more deeply. Grayboard paper has strict standards and requirements for paper weight, thickness, tightness, stiffness, and moisture content. The basis weight refers to the weight of the paper per unit area. The basis weight determines the firmness of the paper. The increase in the basis weight can ensure that the paper has the characteristics of folding resistance, not easy to damage, not easy to tear, and strong thickness. In order to better withstand pressure, the thickness of grayboard paper is between 0.155mm and 0.16mm per 100g. The thickness determines the effect of the paper, and the uniform thickness is the effect and production standard pursued by the grayboard paper. Tightness is a measure of the tightness of the paper structure. The tightness standard of grayboard paper is the smaller the better, so that the opacity and water absorption of the paper can be enhanced. Stiffness means the paper's ability to resist the indentation of another object. The higher the stiffness, the better the performance of the grayboard paper against compression and firmness. Grayboard paper is an environmentally friendly packaging material, made of recycled raw materials, with beautiful prices, advantages and high quality. If you consider paper quality to produce printed products, it must be a good choice. There are many kinds of matching with gray board, such as: cloth paper, double copper paper, and some special papers, which can play a complementary role, which not only increases the quality of the box, but also enhances the aesthetics. The content of grayboard is introduced here. If you are interested, you can contact our company. Thank you very much for your attention and reading!
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