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What is glossy coated paper? -haobobox printing and packaging company

by:HAOBO     2022-01-28
I want to introduce to you what is glossy coated paper, and what are its characteristics and differences. Let me learn more about it! Glossy coated paper is a kind of coated paper. Coated paper is the more commonly used paper in color printing. It is also called printing coated paper. It is a base paper made of bleached wood pulp coated with a layer of white chemical raw materials. Made by calendering, the coated paper can be divided into two types of coated papers, glossy and matte, which are distinguished by the paper surface. Glossy coated paper has the characteristics of smooth surface, high whiteness, and good ink absorption. Like the bright surface, smooth-touch gift packaging boxes and bags that we often see in our lives, they are made of shiny coated paper. Many people confuse coated paper with glossy coated paper. Let me introduce the difference between the two. 1. The difference in appearance The whiteness of the paint used in the production process of coated paper is more than 90%, so its appearance is mainly white. It is cleaner and whiter than glossy coated paper. Glossy coated paper adds a polishing process in the manufacturing process, and its appearance is more glossy than coated paper, and the surface is more delicate. 2. The price is different. Glossy coated paper refers to high-gloss and special-gloss coated paper. The price is higher than that of ordinary coated paper. 3. Different purposes Glossy coated paper is coated and used in printers. Coated paper is not coated and can be used in printing presses. Glossy coated paper can only be used on one side, and coated paper can be used on both sides. 4. The storage time period is different. Coated paper has the disadvantage of not being moisture-proof, and the powdery quality is easy to fall off when it is wet and difficult to store. Glossy coated paper has moisture resistance and can be stored for a long time. Glossy coated paper can be used in many fields, such as wall calendars, playing cards, book covers, illustrations, picture albums, etc. Glossy coated paper can be used with a variety of printing processes Combination, such as adding a hot stamping process when making a packaging box, will make the entire package have a smooth and bright surface while adding a touch of extravagance, and hot stamping will highlight the theme of the box. The bright coated paper is combined with the gray board. Because the gray board has the characteristics of hardness and thickness and resistance to folding, it will make the packaging box or the handbag stronger, which can protect the goods well and extend the service life of the box. Glossy coated paper is a good choice when you choose paper materials. The above is all about the introduction of glossy coated paper. If you want to know more about this, please contact our company. Thank you for your attention and reading!
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