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What is dumb glue? -haobobox printing and packaging company

by:HAOBO     2022-01-25
Some gift packaging boxes or wine packaging boxes we see on the market are particularly smooth to the touch. Under the light, they will have a faint luster. The whole feel is that they are textured and advanced. Very upscale. Moreover, it is not easy to damage, is very strong, and has a long life. So what can make ordinary paper have such an effect? This is what I want to talk about next, the over-dumb glue process in printing, the effect of the gift box mentioned above is the embodiment of the over-dumb glue. So, what is the principle of such a process? Let me continue. Over-dumb glue is also commonly known as over-gloss film and over-dumb film. It belongs to the main process in post-press processing. To put it simply, the principle of this process is to bond the plastic film and the printing process paper that have been specially processed by coating and bonding with pressure and heating to bond the two together. The product after this method is too dumb. It's glued. What changes will happen to printed products that have passed the dumb glue, and what effects and characteristics will it produce? As the name implies, the dumb glue is an extra layer of plastic film on the original printed product. Because of the extra layer of film, the touch will be better than that of the unprecedented printed paper product, and it will be smoother. It's also thicker and harder, even if you try to tear it, it won't be easy to tear. It is also moisture-proof, will not be easily wetted by water, wear-resistant, and can provide good protection. Products that have passed the dumb rubber look particularly low-key, noble and elegant in terms of quality and vision. It is precisely because of these characteristics that we can often see this craft on the covers of gift boxes, jewelry boxes, and high-end electronic product boxes. The process of dumb glue can improve the quality and longer service life of packaging printed matter, which can attract people's attention and create greater product value and sales performance. The knowledge content of dumb glue is introduced here, if you want to know more, please contact our company.
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