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What is double bond paper? -haobobox printing and packaging company

by:HAOBO     2022-01-27
What is double copper paper, what is it used for, and what is different? Let me introduce this kind of paper today. I hope everyone will have a general understanding after reading it. Double coated paper is a kind of coated paper. It is divided into single-sided and double-sided coated coated paper, that is, both sides are coated, so both sides have good smoothness. According to the Japanese Paper Classification Standard, it The coating amount on each side must be more than ten grams per square meter to reach the industry standard, and it can be regarded as a standard double copper paper. It can be used to print color posters, book illustrations, color decoration patterns on gift boxes, or data cables, power banks and other electronic product packaging boxes, as well as color newspapers, exquisite commercial advertisements, etc. It is widely used and is currently one of the most commonly used papers in cultural publishing, advertising design, printing and binding, and industry and commerce. The double bond paper can be used in so many industries because of its many and remarkable characteristics. Double copper paper is also called coated paper. Simply put, this paper is made by coating a layer of white slurry on the original paper and calendering it. The paper obtained through this step will have a smooth surface, with uniform paper fiber distribution, uniform thickness, low flexibility, high elasticity, and strong water resistance. It can also absorb ink well and make it evenly printed. The products used in double copper paper can be seen everywhere in our daily life, because of the smoothness of the paper surface, which is very convenient for printing. For example, the wall calendars hanging at home, as well as the gift boxes, book illustrations, colorful covers, posters, and flyers that I will receive on the street. Due to the large amount of fillers, double copper paper has its shortcomings. It cannot be folded too much, and creases cannot be restored. It has higher requirements for temperature and temperature environment, and cannot be exposed to sunlight or moisture, otherwise it will change. It is easy to be brittle and mildewed. If this paper material is to be fed, the temperature of the workshop and warehouse should be appropriate. The content of double copper paper is introduced here. If you want to contact more, please contact our company. Thank you for your attention and reading!
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