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What is crocodile pattern special paper? -haobobox printing and packaging company

by:HAOBO     2022-01-24
The gift packaging box we see on the market has a crocodile pattern, which looks very luxurious and high-end, and the whole box is very textured. It is made of special paper with crocodile pattern, so this paper will have crocodile pattern. What is it made of? Let me continue to introduce it. The crocodile pattern paper is made of leather-filled paper through exquisite embossing and processed into a crocodile pattern. The leather-filled paper has the characteristics of soft paper, so the surface layer is very wear-resistant and fold-resistant, and the shape is very similar to the leather. Environmentally friendly water-based ink, so it is the most popular environmentally friendly packaging paper in the world. It is precisely because of these characteristics that the crocodile pattern-filled leather paper feels the same as real leather, and it is also scratch-resistant and not easy to get dirty. It can be widely used in packaging production of various gift boxes, jewelry boxes, and health care products boxes. Customers can also decorate the paper freely according to their needs. It will not be as expensive as leather, but it has the texture of leather and more creative decorations, which is very good and cheap. What is the crocodile pattern special paper introduced above, let’s talk about the characteristics of this paper. 1. The paper is extremely tough, even if it is folded many times, it will not have much effect. 2. The paper is very soft and has the same feel as leather. 3. It is very easy to eat glue and can be absorbed well with glue. Fourth, the water resistance is very strong, and it will not be easily wetted by water like ordinary paper. 5. It is made of degradable water-based ink, which is very environmentally friendly and is conducive to environmental protection. Six, do not choose patterns and colors, can be customized according to specific needs. With the emergence of crocodile pattern special paper on the market, we can make the same noble and high-quality crocodile pattern packaging gift box or tea box without expensive leather. While sublimating the packaging, it can also achieve high quality and low cost. , It is also a good choice for packaging manufacturers to customize high-end packaging boxes. The content of crocodile pattern special paper is introduced here, if you want to know more, please contact our company. Thank you for your attention and reading.
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