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What factors should be considered when customizing a jewellery packaging box?

by:HAOBO     2022-01-12
The jewelry under each brand is different, each with its own characteristics. Some brand jewellery is luxurious and luxurious, while some brand jewellery has unique and avant-garde design style, which is more favored by contemporary young people. Jewelry packaging boxes are an effective way to distinguish different brands. Customized jewelry packaging boxes can pinpoint the brand positioning and design suitable packaging. Suitable packaging is the key to making profits for the brand. So what factors should be considered for custom jewelry boxes? The following is a detailed introduction for you. 1. Quality and safety issues Jewelry packaging boxes are used to store jewelry items. Jewelry is precious and delicate. If some soft gold gems are accidentally stored, the surface is particularly prone to scratches, which affects the beauty of jewelry and reduces product value. Therefore, the material performance requirements for the jewelry box are high, and the good material structure can avoid physical and chemical damage. Therefore, in the production of the jewelry box, the material is usually made of strong gray board. It can play a better role in storage and protection of jewelry. Jewelry is usually relatively small in size, such as rings, necklaces, and bracelets. They have different shapes, and they are hard to find if you lose them accidentally. Therefore, the packaging of gift boxes should take into account factors such as product integration, storage and transportation while considering the solid structure of the gift box. Design the jewelry box packaging to address these issues. For example, adding a concealed buckle in the box can fix the jewelry. It will not be easily dropped or lost. The switch can be designed with a magnetic buckle, which is convenient to switch and carry. 2. Exquisite packaging Exquisite and unique jewelry box packaging can attract consumers' attention and make the product stand out among many similar products. Therefore, a perfect packaging design is essential. Carry out reasonable design according to product and brand positioning, keep the packaging consistent with the actual product, enlarge the advantages of the product, and reasonably match the colors and elements to provide customers with novel and unique perspectives. 3. Pattern design The pattern is one of the important elements that constitute the surface of the jewelry packaging box. The pattern can enrich the surface of the box body and add artistic effects. A unique and exquisite pattern is convenient for customers to generate memory points, which is equivalent to a brand mark, deepening the customer's impression and effectively facilitating transactions. The above is the explanation of the factors that should be paid attention to in the custom jewelry box, I hope it can help you,
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