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What effect does the outer packaging of the gift box have on the product? -haobobox printing and packaging company

by:HAOBO     2022-01-02
The outer packaging of the gift box can directly convey the functions and characteristics of the product to consumers, and is an important channel for consumers to obtain product information. Therefore, the appearance of the gift box is also one of the important means to attract consumers. The quality of the product and the trustworthiness of the brand will be judged by the texture of the outer packaging. What impact can it bring to the product? The following is a detailed explanation for you. 1. Improve sales performance. Gift boxes with exquisite and unique characteristics can attract consumers' attention and improve product sales performance. To do this, find the correct positioning in the packaging design of the gift box. For example, simple products correspond to simple packaging, while lively and young brand products can add vitality and youthfulness to packaging design elements, giving products a style, targeting different audiences, and allowing various consumer groups to find products they like. Unique outer packaging can produce deep memory points in consumers' minds, packaging Lenovo brand, brand Lenovo products form a chain memory. The packaging of Rujiang Xiaobai Liquor is different from the rough and simple packaging of general alcoholic beverages. Its packaging design uses simple and clean tones as the background color, coupled with some sentences that can resonate with contemporary young people, and make consumers feel empathy. , Has a strong difference with other similar brands, which makes consumers have an impression of this packaging, so that many people know this brand. The purpose of gaining popularity through distinctive packaging is to improve product performance. Therefore, in the packaging design of gift boxes, it is necessary to clarify product positioning, add appropriate designs, and use printing techniques to make it icing on the cake. For example, the bronzing process is applied to the brand logo, which can highlight the logo and be easy to remember, so as to achieve the purpose of adding memory points to the brand product. . 2. Comprehensive protection of the product The product is easily affected by physical factors and road bumps during transportation, which can cause varying degrees of damage to the product. A sturdy gift box packaging can avoid the occurrence of the above situation, and the sealing effect of the gift box packaging is strictly required. Choose sturdy materials, such as gray board kraft paper, which has the ability to withstand bending and compression. It can safely protect the product and reduce the risk of damage. 3. Persistence The attractive gift box packaging can become a permanent mark in the memory of consumers and maintain the consistency of the product and the packaging. When consumers have a desire to consume, your product becomes their first choice, creating an unconditional sense of trust and establishing a fixed consumer group. Good gift box packaging with distinctive characteristics can not only bring considerable data traffic but also help establish brand characteristics. The above is the answer to the question about the impact of gift box packaging on the product, I hope it can be helpful to you,
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