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What effect can the inner support bring to the jewelry box packaging? -haobobox printing and packaging company

by:HAOBO     2022-01-21
We can carefully observe the common jewelry packaging boxes on the market. They have a noble and exquisite appearance and a strong and firm structure. Ordinary gift boxes with these characteristics are also available. The difference is that the jewelry box has an inner support without exception. Whether it is a bracelet box or a ring box, it exists, because the jewellery is delicate and small, and it is especially easy to lose. At the same time, the price of jewellery is high. If you lose it accidentally, it is a big loss. The inner support can protect the jewelry from being easily lost and damaged by sharp objects, which affects the value of the jewelry. So what are the characteristics of the inner support of the jewelry box? What effect can it bring to the jewellery box? The following is a detailed introduction for you. What does Neto mean? The inner support can also be called the inner lining. It is used in jewelry boxes to protect jewelry from damage during transportation and other physical factors. The inner support can be divided into the following types from the material division. 1. EVA inner support Now most of the jewelry box inner supports we see on the market are made of EVA material. It is the current mainstream inner support material. It is corrosion-resistant, anti-aging, tasteless, and will not be easily affected. Characteristics of scratches. Its performance is extremely high compared to other inner support materials, unlike ordinary paper inner supports that cannot withstand external attacks and have poor cushioning effects. The products in the jewelry box cannot be protected well. EVA can make various colors according to the needs of manufacturers. It has a good viewing angle effect and looks high-end but not cheap. Using it to make the inner support of the jewelry box can add the high-end temperament of the jewelry. The two complement each other. At the same time, the customer opens the jewelry box. It can hook the jewelry and will not fall off easily. The safety factor is high, which plays a protective role. 2. Sponge inner support Everyone should know what it is sponge inner support. It has the characteristics of soft appearance, good resilience and strong shock resistance. Therefore, it is also widely used in the application of jewelry box inner support. Compared with EVA, it is cheaper and has a very high current price ratio. It shows high value at a low price and is truly high quality and low price. There are many small holes on the sponge body, which are illuminated by light, just like many stars are shining in the background, placing the jewelry on top of it will shine more and show the high-level texture. 3. The flannel flannel looks plush, giving people a gentle feeling. The jewelry box uses this texture as an inner support, which can bring a warm atmosphere to the jewelry and jewelry box as a whole, and feels thick and textured to the touch, which is very high-end Jewelry.
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