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What are the types of custom inner trays for gift boxes?

by:HAOBO     2022-01-01
Previously, I talked to you about the structure and color matching of the gift box. Today, the haobobox packaging box manufacturer will tell you about the inner support of the gift box! Perhaps many friends don’t know what the role of the inner support is. The main function of the inner lining is to protect the goods and prevent damage due to collision, friction and other reasons. When the goods are shaken, they mainly prevent the goods from shifting and shaking and play a buffering role. , And the exquisite inner support can also set off the value of the product. Of course, the inner support of the gift box is also divided into many kinds, let me introduce you to the mainstream ones: 1. Flat type: mainly used for interior decoration The objects are divided into upper and lower layers, front and rear, left and right parts. This is relatively simple. 2. Filling type: Fill the upper space of the corrugated gift box without causing the contents to jump in the box. 3. Corner type: Fill the four corners of the corrugated gift box to fix the contents. 4. Combination type: Combination type is a combination of basic types, that is, it is composed of two or more basic box types, which are represented by multiple sets of four-digit numbers or codes. 5. Straight sleeve type: play a separate role and strengthen the compressive strength of the gift box, especially to protect the gift box underneath from collapsing when stacking. 6. Partition type: The gift box separates the contents so that it does not collide with each other. 7. Flat sleeve type: It is mainly used for strengthening, so that the bottom of the box will not sink due to load, and increase the compressive strength. The above is the type of gift inner tray introduced by haobobox. Remember that the inner tray must be designed according to the characteristics of the product, so that it will be more suitable for you. Customers who need to customize gift boxes, please contact our customer service, or call our phone to customize on demand!
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