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What are the tips for customizing electronic product packaging boxes? -haobobox printing and packaging company

by:HAOBO     2022-01-11
The rapid development of science and technology has changed our way of life and brought great convenience to our lives. Such as mobile phones, earphones, electronic bracelets, wireless chargers, etc. are all common electronic products in our lives. They are flooded in our daily life, and we cannot leave them in daily communication and daily social life. The electronic product market is extensive. Therefore, competition for similar products is extremely fierce. Brands are beginning to realize that the outer packaging of products is an important means to extend brand characteristics and promote products. People have begun to pay attention to the design of electronic product packaging boxes. Excellent electronic product packaging can not only open the market, but also an important step to attract consumers to buy. The following introduces you to some tips on electronic product packaging, and I hope it can help you. 1. The design of individual pattern product packaging boxes are mostly composed of two points of text and patterns. In order to make your products visible to consumers in many brands, make your own packaging design unique and different from other brands, individual patterns Design is very necessary. The pattern of the packaging box can be added with elements of humor or popular science and personalized customization. For example, in the data line packaging box, the origin and principle of the data line can be expressed in the form of a pattern, and each person's bright color is appropriately added to the pattern, and the pattern can be highlighted using the embossing printing process to appear more three-dimensional. The patterns of popular science knowledge can not only improve customers' understanding of electronic products, but also form strong memory points in consumers' minds so that individual patterns become the characteristics of the brand. 2. Reasonable packaging design There are various electronic products on the market, and different products use electronic product packaging boxes of different shapes, heights, lengths and widths. When making an electronic product packaging, a suitable packaging box should be designed according to the actual situation of the product, with good airtightness and just the right size. To ensure the safety and applicability of the packaging box, there will be no accidents such as squeezing or box damage due to improper packaging during transportation. 3. Appropriate color The color lays down the hue and characteristics of the electronic product packaging box. Color is an intuitive language that expresses product characteristics and brand image. Different colors can bring different feelings and meanings to people. For example, orange and red look bright, giving people a sense of vitality, enthusiasm and positiveness. Dark colors such as black, white, and blue have low saturation, giving people a comfortable feeling. The appropriate color can be selected according to the positioning of the product brand. The above is all about the packaging skills of electronic product packaging. Thank you for your reading and attention. If you want to know more, please contact our company. We are very happy to answer you!
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