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What are the tea box production processes?

by:HAOBO     2021-12-30
Our different types of tea have different packaging requirements, so different types of packaging boxes have been produced, and the production processes of different types of packaging boxes are naturally different. Today, let's take a look at some common tea packaging boxes in our lives and their production process! 1. The production process of wooden tea box: According to the material, there are three types of wooden tea box: solid wood tea box, MDF tea box and plywood tea box. Among them, solid wood tea box and MDF tea box are common. The production process of solid wood tea box is to choose the material first, that is, to choose the wood used to make the wood embryo. Commonly used solid wood such as sample wood, pine wood, rubber wood, etc., when choosing the wood, you can choose the whole log or the material that has already been opened. Wood boards, MDF boards, decks, etc.; after selecting the materials, the next step is to cut and splice the wood embryo boards in the woodworking workshop, and perform sand throwing of the primary embryos; after the wood embryos are produced, if you choose to use logs, you can directly The finished product will not be processed by the exterior craftsmanship, and the finished product will be directly decorated and packaged by the inner support. But most of the time the surface of the wooden box needs to be treated with paint and other decorative patterns. At this time, the wooden embryo needs to be treated with primer, frosting, color oil, and surface oil. If it is a matte paint effect, it does not need to be polished, otherwise bright paint It needs to be polished, and the logo production process of the wooden tea box includes the following methods: bronzing, silk screen, metal characters, embossing, engraving, metal plates and other production methods. 2. The production process of the paper tea box: 1. The choice of paper, including the outer material (special paper, leather-filled paper, PU leather, coated paper, pink paper) 2. The choice of embryo body material (gray card, single white) Cards, double white cards, double word cards, single copper cards, environmentally friendly plastic embryos, etc.) 3. Make knife molds, and carry out trial and material test packages. After confirming the technology and practice, batch cutting of materials for batch preparation 4 , Assemble and hand-make the packaging box in the assembly workshop, and package the finished product. 3. The production process of iron tea box 1. Material selection: tinplate, aluminum, etc. 2. Making mold 3. Test on the machine 4. After confirmation, the batch will be released. In recent years, the production process of the finished products has been continuously upgraded, customer needs have been continuously optimized, and new processes have emerged in an endless stream. In the future, tea boxes will be used more widely. At the same time, since they belong to the food packaging industry, health and environmental protection are the first requirements, so the future tea boxes will develop in the direction of environmental protection, recycling and diversification.
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