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What are the steps for customizing a gift box? haobobox tells you

by:HAOBO     2022-01-10
A customer asked me a few days ago, what is your custom gift box process? In the past, customers often asked us haobobox. Today, haobobox will tell you about the process of customizing gift boxes. No matter where you make gift boxes, this is basically the process. Not much nonsense, please see below What time is it. First of all, the design of the packaging box: you are your own source files, it is relatively simple to find the manufacturer for production and printing technology, but if you don’t have the source files, you have nothing but a box of your own imagination, then you can ask the designer If you spend money on the design, you can also let the packaging box manufacturers do the design, but most of them are charged, and many manufacturers do not have the strength in this area. Our haobobox printing factory does not charge any fees. Don't worry, everyone! 1. Provide the size, material, printing process, text, logo, etc. you need. Provide these and start proofing. Proofing is also divided into digital samples and large samples. The actual effect of digital samples is much worse than that of large samples. The large sample is the finished product you produce, but the large sample requires a charge, which is the same for each packaging box manufacturer. However, our haobobox printing factory will refund your proofing fee when it reaches 25,000 transaction volume, and many manufacturers will not refund it. 2. Use paper materials and abrasive tools to choose and make, and start construction. 3. The packaging is printed, hot stamped, laminated, and die-cut. 4. After the production is completed, it will be folded and glued by the workshop personnel. 5. After the production is completed, proceed to a more important step, QC quality inspection product quality, wipe the stains on the packaging. The number of QCs in our factory is only over 20 people, and quality has always been our haobobox reputation. 6. Loading, ready to ship. But before the shipment, we will let the customer check it. For how to check, you can go to our previous release to see it!
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