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What are the steps for custom gift box design? haobobox printing and packaging company

by:HAOBO     2022-01-11
The purpose of custom gift box is to solidify consumers' perspective experience of the product, so that consumers can obtain product information from the gift box packaging, and have a cognition of the brand. It has the ability to convey the personality characteristics of the product. Therefore, custom gift boxes are now a good choice for many brand companies to better market their products. Customized gift packaging is for better product sales and marketing. Customized design must be based on this basic appeal. Customized gift packaging design is a scientific, rigorous and prudent process. Need to think and explore in all directions. It is necessary to have a clear understanding of the brand and product positioning style in order to know the concept and value of the product that the packaging should convey to consumers. So, what are the steps for custom gift box design? The following is a detailed introduction for you. 1. Market research To design a gift box, you need to know the consumer psychology characteristics and consumer demands of the consumer group that the brand corresponds to, so that you can know what style of packaging products consumers like, and then you can fully develop the gift box packaging design work. Information can be obtained through online channels, or by observing the sales data of similar product brands to analyze consumer preferences, and thus obtain survey results. 2. Packaging design Considering the analysis of consumer preferences and product and brand styles, design a matching package. Exquisite and suitable gift packaging boxes are a favorable means to attract consumers' attention, so as to achieve the purpose of sales. Relying on the integration of the above factors, the general direction of the design can be known, so that patterns and patterns can be added to add the artistic effect of the gift box and strengthen the overall effect. Then use the printing process to deepen and polish, such as bronzing, UV, silk screen are the mainstream process choices today. Predict the presentation effect of the product packaging and the specific effects of putting it on the market and spread the benefits, and then use these to judge whether the design plan should be modified. 3. Trial of the finished product After the gift box design is completed, the finished product box will be made for trial experience. Through actual use, we can find out whether there is a problem with the sample box, and can make timely corrections. Only after this step can we safely put it into the production line for mass production for product packaging. Only in this way can the product quality and safety problems be guaranteed, and the goods will not be damaged in transportation or other uncontrollable circumstances due to the quality of the gift box, and cause unnecessary losses. A beautiful and exquisite customized gift box is not the purpose of the manufacturer. It is the true starting point of a gift box whether it can safely protect the product and stimulate consumers' nerves to purchase desire. The above is all about the steps of customizing the gift packaging box, I hope it can help you, thank you for your reading and attention!
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