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What are the reasons why paper gift boxes are widely used?

by:HAOBO     2021-12-31
Packaging boxes are indispensable in our lives. Do you know what materials are used for gift packaging? Some people say that paper or plastic, or metal, etc. Everyone is right. Gift boxes are made of many materials, but paper gift boxes are more commonly used in the market. Paper gifts What are the reasons for the widespread use of boxes? Haobobox will tell you today. 1. The printing process is more convenient. A variety of process technologies can be applied to the paper to create unique visual effects, such as: bronzing, UV printing, varnishing, embossing, printing and so on. However, the application process of many materials such as glass and metal is very limited, and only a few processes such as cutting. Therefore, the paper gift box is much more convenient in the printing process, and there are not so many restrictions. 2. More visual effects that can be provided. There are many types of paper, and the selection is very wide. There are white cardboard, kraft paper, art paper, art paper, etc., and there are many types of art paper. The visual effects provided by white cardboard and kraft paper are relatively simple, but the vast art paper can present rich visual effects. For example, the surface of leather-filled paper is similar to leather texture, which is bright and textured. After brushing the oil, the paper feels smooth and delicate. With the improvement of modern technology, paper can even make the visual sense of wood and metal, and the cost is greatly reduced compared with real wood and metal. 3. High safety factor. Compared with glass, metal and other materials, paper gift boxes are much safer. Paper products are mostly deformed and damp, while glass, metal and other materials do not have to worry about being hit by gravity and hurting the young Innocent, greatly reducing the risk. At the same time, the paper is lighter and occupies a small space, which can reduce part of the long-distance transportation cost. 4. Environmental protection and cost. Many paper materials can be recycled for secondary use. This benefit greatly reduces multi-environmental pollution and achieves the effect of environmental protection, and the cost of paper materials is lower than other materials. .
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