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What are the problems of custom-made moon cake boxes?

by:HAOBO     2022-01-13
The Mid-Autumn Festival is our traditional festival with a long history. We all eat moon cakes during the Mid-Autumn Festival. Some people think that moon cakes are also bought on Mid-Autumn Festival. Only once a year. Why do manufacturers grab this? The annual sales have reached more than 15 billion yuan, are you surprised by our domestic consumption level? Many of the mooncakes nowadays are given as gifts when visiting relatives and friends, so you have to work hard on the packaging of the mooncakes. It is really important to have a mooncake box that suits you, because it represents your own face. Our countrymen can be said to love face the most, and our is no exception. Many bosses feel that there is no grade when choosing a universal mooncake box. They don’t know what issues need to be paid attention to when custom-made mooncake boxes. They are in a dilemma. Today haobobox will tell you, what are the issues that need to be paid attention to when custom-made gift boxes? 1. Moon cake box design Moon cake box design is also a beginning. If you are designing, you can find someone else to design, get the source files, and then find the packaging box manufacturer to produce, or directly let the packaging box manufacturer design. Of course, some manufacturers need it. As for the cost, you have to ask this question clearly. Usually you deliver the products to them, and they design according to your products and your needs. 2. Moon cake box color pattern matching The moon cake box pattern is not like other boxes, it is more exquisite. We all know that the Mid-Autumn Festival is a national holiday. If you put a picture of a foreigner when you design, or if you are writing in English, then your packaging is not nondescript. Our theme is still based on Chinese style, plus the moon. Or mythological stories are okay. We are fusing our own products so that the whole moon cake box is so natural. 3. After manufacturing and production, the design and pattern must be found in the packaging box manufacturer to produce, but each manufacturer’s quotation will be a little bit different, but if the difference is too large, you should pay attention to it. What are the reasons for the price difference in my custom-made packaging box ? This article is very clear, and the choice of printing process is also very important, this is combined with the characteristics of your product to choose. If you don’t understand, just ask your packaging box manufacturer. After all, packaging people are experts, so ask more about their opinions.
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