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What are the main points that need to be paid attention to when designing a cosmetic box?

by:HAOBO     2022-01-17
Now we pay more attention to our appearance. According to statistics, the sales of the cosmetics industry are still dominated by 20-40 women, and the consumption of men has increased significantly, and the upward trend has continued to increase. When consumers buy cosmetics, they pay more attention to the brand and reputation of cosmetics. Therefore, if you want to leave a deep impression on consumers, the effect of the brand is indispensable. To achieve this effect, we must be personalized. Attractive packaging. Now haobobox will talk to you about the key points that need to be paid attention to when designing cosmetic boxes. 1. Outer packaging must have individual advantages. Consumers have many choices, so products must be branded in attractive ways. Of course, your packaging should reflect your brand and product itself, but it also needs to be innovative and attractive. Working with an innovative custom packaging company allows you to focus on a unique aesthetic, which will attract customers and persuade them to make a purchase. If your product does not stand out on the shelf, it is impossible to be bought off the shelf. Therefore, when designing, we must highlight our own product advantages, and the outer packaging must have a personality, instead of finding it in many products. Second, the safety of packaging In addition to attractive eyes, your packaging must also be safe. Cosmetics should follow certain safety standards. Although they are not always subject to strict controls like medicines and certain foods, they must comply with labeling standards. Most packages also need to be sealed to ensure that there is no contamination between packaging and purchase. Because local products will be absorbed by the skin, cosmetic brands need to put consumer safety in the first place, which is also the root of our company's long-term success. 3. Design according to the crowd. When designing, we should not pursue too high-end design. Sometimes simplicity is the most suitable. Before designing, you must analyze and research the crowd and the market. Your own crowds are all those age groups. Different age groups need different designs. Designs for 18 to 30 years old can be younger and fresher. They are more than 40 years old and pay more attention to brand and effect, so we can be more solemn when designing.
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