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What are the main features of gift boxes?

by:HAOBO     2022-01-05
Gift boxes play a very large role in the product. The packaging of a gift is 60% of the sales. Special packaging boxes can attract people's attention, so what are the primary characteristics of gift boxes? Follow haobobox to have a look! Gift packaging has the word 'liGift packaging cartons can be roughly divided into two types: one is folding cartons, that is, products can be folded and pressed; the other is fixed cartons, that is, hard cartons whose products cannot be folded and pressed. At the same time, folding cartons have been widely used due to their small footprint and convenient transportation. The shape of the gift box is mainly the type of shopping box expressed through personalized customization and different customization needs. This type of box is generally custom-signed and will not be sold in batches. From the perspective of the planning itself, the invention of gift packaging is also an artistic element. Batch gift packaging is popular and universal, and it is mainly manifested in the gift-giving ethical culture, and branded gift packaging also has the characteristics and characteristics of brand promotion. From promoting customers to purchase hopes, to satisfy customers' inner anxiety. This is the main manifestation of the brand effect. The use of gift elements is formed in combination with the needs of shopping malls. Domestic gift packaging tends to have more and more high-end packaging boxes, but the prices are also higher. The hesitation of merchants has led to various low-quality, cutting-edge gift packaging. You can't even tell if the outside of the box is good or bad. Packaging work also faces the influence of low-quality words such as cost-effectiveness. The application of the folding carton has 7 characteristics: 1. The protection of the commodity. It not only makes the fragile articles play the role of fixing articles and protects the goods in the box, but also can adopt the method of sterilization and sealing to prevent the food from being filled during the filling process. Corrosion and pollution occur during the process. 2. Suitable for all kinds of printing. Its surface is not only suitable for intaglio, letterpress, and planographic printing, but also various patterns and characters can be used for decoration. 3. Low cost Various packaging materials made of paper are cheaper than metals, plastics, glass and other materials. 4. Easy to process. It is simple and easy to process cardboard into various containers of the required shape by scissors, rolling, folding, bonding and other methods. 5. Convenient for storage, space saving and transportation The utility model saves warehouse space, floor space and transportation space. 6. Suitable for automatic packaging. Due to the simple structure of the folding carton, it is suitable for filling and sealing of automatic mechanical equipment. 7. Convenient for sales and display The folding carton itself is displayed in front of consumers in different postures, such as window opening, portability, unfolding display, etc., which is convenient for customers to choose and use. Haobobox has been focusing on gift packaging for 16 years, and the packaging boxes can be customized on demand
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