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What are the key points to know when customizing a health care product box?

by:HAOBO     2022-01-13
There is still left before the New Year, and we can't bear the excitement in my heart. Presumably, my friends are in the same mood as me. I must bring gifts to my parents when I go back. I want my parents to have a good body, so health care products are the first choice. This is also a time when the health care product company is very busy, advertising and publicity, etc., all want to have good sales. But if you want to have a good publicity intensity, it is not enough to invest in advertising. You have to work hard on the packaging. A good health care product packaging box is not worse than advertising. In all the processes of health care products from production to transportation and delivery to consumers, whether it is to increase consumer experience or to better create a good brand image, you must attach great importance to your health care product packaging. Here are some key points for customizing health care product packaging. 1. The overall price budget No matter what the product is, the price budget will be given first. Generally, the first thing to consider in the packaging of health food is the packaging budget. If the packaging box is more expensive, it means that the price of the product may increase. , Which will also have a certain impact on product sales. 2. Provide complete information As people's requirements for health products are getting higher and higher, so the packaging of health products is constantly improving, and all basic information of health products is delivered to consumers through the packaging boxes. Of course, you can also tailor a box suitable for your own products according to your needs. 3. Important information Compared with other product packaging designs, the packaging design of health products also has special requirements. It cannot be designed at will. It needs to comply with the regulations of the State Administration of Market Supervision and Administration on the packaging design of health products: health food name, health food logo (blue Cap), health food approval number, functional ingredients, health effects, net content, etc. 4. Design the packaging box according to the target population. Packaging design is the key to the successful launch of all products. If you are producing health foods for children, then you must be very specific about the packaging. Children do not like health supplements, and they may lose their temper while eating. In addition to the taste that children like, the design of the packaging may be a good way. 5. Environmental protection of the packaging box Environmental protection has always been a concern of our packaging box manufacturers. When customizing health care products boxes, we should consider the selection of materials. Try to choose materials that can be recycled without affecting the quality. It can be recycled and reused, it can also save its own costs, and it can do what it can to environmental protection.
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