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What are the key points of the plastic box packaging design?

by:HAOBO     2021-12-30
Plastic box packaging design is an indispensable part and external form of modern commodities. Creative plastic box packaging design is not just a beautiful coat for commodities to enter the market. At the same time, it is also an effective means to realize commodity value and use value. Successful blister packaging, silicone products, silicone baby bottle covers, silicone bottle covers, transparent plastic boxes, color printing plastic boxes, pvc plastic boxes, pet plastic boxes, pp plastic boxes, frosted plastic box packaging design, must contain some creative elements . What is creativity? This is a simple and complex problem. Creativity is a good idea, a good idea, and showing its novelty and uniqueness. 'Creation°' in creativity has an explanation of 'first creation——'. 'Intention' means 'innovation, creativity'. The expression of creativity in plastic box packaging design is multifaceted, which can be from packaging materials, packaging forms, and packaging structures. It can also reflect creativity in specific links such as packaging brand fonts, packaging graphics, packaging colors, and packaging layout. Packaging design is a visual communication art that seeks visual originality and aesthetics, and at the same time, it must have clear information and no clear information. The creative expression of sexual visual form cannot reflect the commercial value of packaging. Creativity must always revolve around the function of packaging-dissemination of information. Product packaging must first fully understand the company and the product that produces the product before making specific ideas. Generally speaking, there are three aspects of manpower: 1. The basic situation of the market, such as the market characteristics and potential of the product, competitors, etc.; 2. The basic situation of the consumer group, such as; the age of the consumer group, economic income, cultural quality, etc. ; 3. The basic situation of market-related products and its own products, (such as new products on the market or repackaging of old products), including brand image and popularity, goodwill, trust, product price, quality, sales methods, etc. haobobox printing chief Packaging designers, product packaging design, the designer must first go through a wide range of understanding, the designer can give full play to the individual’s eagerness and creativity based on the information he has, and make a preliminary creative idea, and then after further deliberation, After perfecting and developing, determine the creative point of contact. In general, the goal of packaging creativity should be firmly established in the search for accurate and reasonable positioning of packaging design. According to the characteristics of the packaging materials used, such as plastic box packaging, the plastic box must be fully utilized. The transparent film used is the characteristic of the raw material. When designing the plastic box, a transparent space must be reserved, which is to allow consumers to see the products in it intuitively. This is the creative value of the transparent plastic box packaging.
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