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What are the issues we need to pay attention to when customizing gift boxes?

by:HAOBO     2022-01-11
We all know that different gifts need different packaging designs to set off the personality of the product. If the packaging of the products are all the same, then consumers will have visual fatigue. In particular, gift boxes must have their own creativity, and the designs combined with the characteristics of the company are absolutely different. So what are the issues we need to pay attention to when we customize gift boxes? Today haobobox will explain to you. 1. The choice of gift box materials. In the choice of materials, we try our best to choose environmentally friendly materials. Environmentally friendly materials will not only bring an unparalleled appearance to your gift packaging, but also one of the ways to save packaging costs. In addition, it can also protect the environment. Environmentally friendly materials can also use interesting patterns, designs or colors. Look for designs that make your package stand out and make your package more eye-catching. 2. The packaging box design should be clever. If you want to make the gift packaging box more clever, you must treat the design and packaging as if you are decorating a new house for yourself, and use your imagination. Paper packaging boxes are easy to modify and decorate, so you have a variety of options to make your packaging truly unique. The great thing about the paper packaging box is that from the moment you choose the paper material, you don't need to do much to make it look like a craft. Of course, you can also use hemp rope, felt, lace, yarn, ribbon, and other craft materials, so you can perform simple or complex treatments according to your needs. 3. Increase the amount of ribbons. A simple and interesting way to decorate gift boxes is to design colored ribbons around it. Brightly colored ribbons will stand out on the flat packaging box, giving a striking and attractive beautiful appearance, which is not common in packaging. You can choose the color of the ribbon according to the fun degree and color of the packaging. 4. Introduce natural design elements If you want to make your box look fresh and natural, there is no better way than using natural elements. Adding a little green plant to the box can give your gift box a completely different appearance, making it look fresher and more rustic. But you have to grasp the proportion of the introduction, not too deliberate, this will break your original design concept
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