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What are the inner trays often used in high-end gift boxes?

by:HAOBO     2021-12-24
When we look at whether a gift box is high-end, the first glance is to see its appearance, whether the printing process of the exterior and the processing of the overall details of the box are in place, but consumers actually pay more attention to the 'inner' of the gift box, that is, The inner support of the gift box, whether a gift is high-end, can often be directly reflected in the design and production of the inner support. Although some manufacturers deal with the appearance of the box very well, the inner support is very simple, so it looks like the appearance. It's a bit out of place. Today, haobobox will tell you about the inner trays that are often used in high-end gift boxes. 1. Sponge inner lining Sponge inner lining is characterized by softness, anti-extrusion, high resilience, and low cost of sponge, and it is very easy to process. It only needs to be cut with a knife and die, and the degree of adhesion to the product is also very good. 2. EVA foam inner lining EVA foam is a kind of plastic inner lining that is widely used. It has good elasticity, flexibility, punch resistance and gloss. Many gift boxes come with EVA foam. EVA foam liner can be designed with a groove in the shape of an object, so that the foam can wrap all the objects and form a very ideal and safe environment. The surface of Eva foam can also be flocked. After flocking, the EVA foam lining surface More smooth and shiny, it can be used to wrap many precious and fragile items. 3. Corrugated paper lining Although the appearance of corrugated paper looks rough and not high-grade, because the corrugated paper has a wrinkled structure, during transportation, the corrugated paper will generate extra gas to reduce friction, increase buffering force, and protect the entire article. . As a new type of environmentally friendly lining, corrugated paper is currently widely used in wine packaging. 4. Plastic lining Although plastic lining is not soft, it has good stability, anti-extrusion, and is not easy to deform. Plastic lining is often used for food packaging, such as moon cake gift box packaging. When plastic lining is used, it is often matched with silk cloth. The silk cloth has a very high gloss to increase the texture of the product packaging. After reading the above knowledge of inner support, it will be more accurate when choosing in the future. When we make gift boxes, especially high-end boxes, inner support should never be ignored, and we must pay more attention to it.
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