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What are the important points to pay attention to when designing jewelry packaging boxes?

by:HAOBO     2021-12-26
Jewelry can be described as a popular fashion product, which is deeply loved by consumers. In order to attract the attention of consumers, major businesses have put a lot of effort into the quality, appearance and creativity of jewelry. haobobox packaging is a professional custom jewelry box manufacturer
I remind you here that packaging is also very important for a piece of jewelry. Excellent outer packaging can not only improve the quality of the product, but also promote sales. The key points of jewelry box design: 1. The choice of jewelry box structure. The design of jewelry box must be designed with objective factors such as volume, shape, material, style, style, brand story, etc. of the jewelry. In this way, packaging designed according to the characteristics and individuality of the product can better reflect the unity and integrity of the product. 2. Positioning before jewelry box design The design of jewelry box is mainly based on the market. After all, the purpose of packaging design is to attract consumers' attention. Therefore, it is necessary to conduct market research before designing. Packaging is not necessarily unique, the stranger the better, it needs to meet the aesthetic requirements of consumers and create value for the product. Packaging design should be positioned reasonably, absorb new creative design concepts in the market, and avoid derailing with the market. Third, the choice of jewelry box material The choice of packaging materials is very important. The important role of packaging is to protect the goods. The choice of materials needs to consider the packaging shape, color, gravity bearing and craftsmanship. As we all know, jewelry is a relatively expensive commodity, and it is easily scratched, so the functional requirements of the packaging are relatively high. Good packaging materials and structure can greatly avoid physical and chemical damage to the goods. At the same time, due to the small size and different shapes of jewelry, the packaging design must meet the requirements of storage, transportation and carrying of the goods. Packaging design is not a simple matter. Beauty, functionality and practicality are essential. In general, when designing a jewelry box, it is necessary to go through market research, combined with market feedback and industry comparisons to give a positioning direction. In the choice of structure, it is necessary to choose according to the characteristics of the product, and in the choice of material and printing process. It must be considered comprehensively, and only in this way can a beautiful jewelry box be made.
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